A Child Called “It”, is Dave Peltzer’s account of his childhood and the abuse he endoured from his alcoholic mother.  This book is actually the first part of a trilogy.  The author makes note, that the book is written in the language and point of view of a child between the ages of 4 and 12.  Therefore, it is a quick and easy read for anyone.

The author keeps you interested until the end.  The methods of torture devised by his mom are unbelievable.  Not to ruin any details, but at one point she makes him hold his hand over the stove top.  You cannot imagine that a mother would ever inflict this type of abuse on a child.  You want to continue reading just to find out, why? How does he survive? It is hard to imagine that he was singled out by his mother as opposed to his other siblings and you want to keep reading to solve the mystery of this odd behavior.  Another thing that amazes me from this story is the fact that the abuse kept going for so long.  Family, neighbors, and school faculty just dismissed David as a “troubled” kid and did not do anything about it for years.

Unfortunately, since this book is just part 1 of 3, it leaves you with many unanswered questions.  Therefore, I am looking forward to reading part 2, The Lost Boy. And recommend you read A Child Called “It”.

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