Go Ask Alice is the diary of a 15 year old girl that takes a downward spiral into a life full of drugs and sex.  This book was a dark read, yet it keeps you interested until the end.

The book is written by an anonymous author and claims to be based on a true story. However, I started to doubt this as I was reading. At times the descriptions and language used by the author are too detailed to be coming from a 15 year old girl.  But at the same time, some of the entries are so nonchalant and the writer is so oblivious to their addiction it seemed real.  Either way, it’s an interesting and shocking read.  It’s also fun reading the slang used in the 70’s.  I can’t imagine how hard it would be to stay away from drugs in that era. Especially, if the straight kids were considered “square”.

There seems to be a lot of controversy about the authorship of the book.  Per Wikipedia, Beatrice Sparks, a Mormon psychologist, claims the story is based on the diary of one of her patients, but that she had added various fictional incidents based on her experiences working with other troubled teens. She is listed on the copyright record as the book’s author — not as the editor, compiler, or executor, which would be more usual for someone publishing the diary of a deceased person.  It also states, she was unable to produce the actual diary and later wrote a similar book, Jay’s Journal based on the diary of a boy who commits suicide after joining an occult. The relatives of the boy the book was based on claim Sparks only used a handful of real events and made up the rest.

If anything the book was meant as a deterrent for drug use.  It was also made into a made-for-TV movie in 1973.  I am a bit curious to watch it since I am a movie buff.  However, I did read some comments from people who watched it as teens, that it had the opposite affect and glorified drugs in their eyes. 

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