Last night I watched Exit Through the Gift Shop.  It was a documentary directed by Banksy, the infamous street artist.  I watched it out of plain curiousity since I don’t know much about street art.  I thought this movie was great.  It was comical, put together well, and had a lot of cool footage and interesting artists.  Not to ruin the movie, but it is mainly about the evolution of the artist/filmaker Mr. Brainwash who befriends Shepard Fairey and eventually Banksy.

Reading up on this movie, there are rumors that it was a hoax by Banksy and that there is no Mr. Brainwash.  On the other hand, states he had a big show at Art Basil last year in Miami.  I completely missed it -_-

Eitherway, the movie is entertaining and makes you think about art and its commercialization. So add it to your Queue on Netflix 🙂

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