Horrible Bosses is a fun movie period.  Basically its about 3 friends that agree to kill each others bosses, because they are ruining their lives.  It has a great cast with silly characters that just makes you laugh.  The quirky, yet awful bosses are all played by famous actors from Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrel.  They do a great job of acting outside of their usual roles.  And lets not forget Charlie Day (who I have a slight crush on), who steals all the scenes with his antics as the not so bright part of the trio. 

BTW if you haven’t seen Always Sunny in Philadelphia, watch it.  Chalie Day is in it and basically plays the same type of character as he does in Horrible Bosses.  Always Sunny has a great cast as well, although not as famous and the story lines are hilarious.

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