Month: September 2011

Procrastination/Random Personal Post

Nothing to post other than my frustrations…
I am about 6 chapters behind in my Networking class and 1-2 in my SQL class.  I really don’t think working in IT is my proper place, nor is Law.  Although, I do get a kick out of web designing because it uses my creativity.  Programming and/or other network related stuff is not my forte to say the least.  Wouldn’t life be great if all you had to do was blog for a living and create websites.  Unfortunately, you have to be pretty damn good at it. 

Law is another story….I am still waiting to apply for early admission and see if that goes anywhere.  But lately I have been contemplating doing real estate since I have been doing so much work finding myself a house.  What the hell does a real estate agent do anyways, besides making appointments and looking up shit in MLS?  I have always wanted to flip houses as well.  If I had enough money I would love to buy a place and fix it up and sell it.

Anyways, I haven’t figured what works yet to get me sufficient hits on this damn blog.  I personally like reading peoples blogs to hear their thoughts on a more personal level.  Writing down your feelings can come across so different than in person.  I am sure my movie reviews are not too exciting for people, but I definitely don’t like putting my personal crap out there so much.  Certain things are OK.  Definitely not my love life.  Maybe I should write about the places I go out to, since I tend to go out often on the weekend. 

BTW, I hate reading YELP.  That site is sooo negative.  People seem to be really snobby about their experiences and tend to exaggerate the good or the bad of a place.  Also, I don’t give a shit about why you were there or what you and your friends were celebrating or doing that day, and every stupid thing you did while you were there.  I want to know if the service is good, the place is nice, cheap or expensive, and the type of people that go there and dress code.  Also, you’re not a writer if you post on there.  You are just putting a fucking comment/review.  Unfortunately, sometimes that’s the only place you can find a quick review on a place, but either way I have to just go and find out for myself how it really is.


10/10/2011 – Update:  I passed my Networking class!! Yay! 

Movie Review: The Debt

Can you possibly complain about a free movie?  Yes!
So just about every week I go to the movies with my friend, who works at the local movie theather.  Granted the ticket is free, but you still waste 2 hours of your life watching the movie whether it’s good or bad.  Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by the movie, but most of the time I know we are going to watch a disappointing action movie or “thriller”.  Mostly because there is nothing else out there to watch.

Today’s snooze fest was The Debt.  I can’t say it was terrible.  However, it was a bit drawn out and boring to be called a “espionage thriller”.  The movie started off interesting, and the cinematography and score did make it suspenseful for the first few minutes.  However, once you get into the story and you can kinda guess what is happening or going to happen, and it starts to get pretty slow. 

Another thing that erks me about movies lately is the leading female character.  They are never up to par with what I expect them to be. For example, in the Colombiana I thought the leading lady would be a strong, cold, assassin. Instead all she did was sneak around and it had only one hand to hand combat scene, where she got a pretty good beating although she didn’t necessarily lose.

In this movie, the lead female role was weak, a crybaby, and couldn’t make up her mind as to who she actually wanted to be with.  Oh wait…I think that’s how girls really are.  NOOOOOO…

Anyways, my main point is that I want a lead female character to be strong, independant, smart and can kick as much ass as a dude.  Along with a good story line to actually match the action.  Is that too much to ask from Hollywood? Apparently so.  I have to give credit to Quentin Tarentino for making girls badass, like Kiddo from Kill Bill. 

Well, if you are bored one day watch The Debt.  Otherwise, watch something else. 

As always, comments are welcome.  If you have a favorite female character or a movie to recommend leave a comment 🙂

On a side note:  The preview for Drive looks REALLY good.  Also, everyone who has seen it has said nothing but good things.  I’m putting that on my list to watch.

Toddlers and Tiaras

I think I will most likely keep adding videos to this posting.  Toddlers and Tiaras is hilarious.  If you are not sure what it is, it’s basically a TLC show following toddlers and their parents as they get ready and participate in beauty pageants.  The moms are delusional and the kids are brats.  Some of them are just being kids, and others are clearly spoiled.  However, you can’t get a kid to follow your directions all day in uncomfortable dresses and costumes. That’s just silly to expect that from toddlers.

This little girl was kinda bratty, but the video cracks me up.  The original is here, if your curious to compare:

Check out the outfit on the little girl…the prostitute get up from Pretty Woman, LOL.  What are these mom’s thinking? SMH…

Honestly, I don’t think pageants are necessarily bad or good.  However, the parents and kids seem a bit excentric making the show entertaining.  If you have an opinion or you want to share a video, feel free to post a comment 🙂

Movie Review: Wuthering Heights

Amongst the things I did this weekend I watched the PBS version of Wuthering Heights.  I have to admit that I was never able to finish this book when it was assigned for reading in my high school English class.  However, Netflix has been recommending it since I love all of the Jane Austin movies and books. 

This novel was actually written by Emily Bronte and I remember it was confusing and boring.  My friends admitted this as well.  Watching the movie, before the book might assist.  The movie moves from the present to the past, and back to the present, which may get you lost while reading.   Another thing that may confuse readers is that two of the main characters share the name, Catherine.  However, the movie makes everything easy to follow.

The movie was well done. It’s a love story gone completely wrong.  I was pretty shocked at the main characters.  They all seemed to lack basic morals.  Than again, you can blame society for some of their actions since people were looked down upon for marrying someone beneath their class. Love always took a back seat to money.

There was something also very honest about the love affairs in this story. Each person seemed to be held hostage by their love for another.  Sometimes…or maybe always…you can’t help who you love.  Even when you know it’s bad for you or your sanity.

Since the movie was good, maybe I will try reading the book again.  Anyways, watch the PBS Masterpiece version of Wuthering Heights.  If you also get the chance, I highly recommend watching the PBS Masterpiece version of Pride and Prejudice.  It’s another well done adaption.  Although my favorite version is the 2005 rendition with Keira Knightly the PBS version includes more details and scenes from the book. 

If you have any recommendations for books or movie adaptations let me know.  I would love some feedback…comment, email or IM me 🙂

Movie Review: Colombiana

Colombiana, don’t waste your time seeing this movie.  This movie is advertised as a sexy action thriller. I was pretty bored during a good chunk of this movie. I was somehow duped into thinking this would be a girl version of Taken. However, it did not even come close.

Unfortunately, the movie only comprised of a few suspenseful scenes where she sneaks in to kill a few bad guys and/or uses a cool gun. They also mixed in a small love story. I really hate when directors mix in love stories into movies where there is supposed to be none of that. If you are going to mix in a love story at least make me care about these people. I personally didn’t care if this chick had a bang buddy or not. This director couldn’t come up with something better than a girl falling for a stupid guy and almost getting caught because of it? Lame…btw the director is Olivier Megaton. 

If you want to see a really great action movie watch Taken. It is full of suspense, creative killing scenes, and hand to hand combat. The director of Taken is Pierre Morel, who also directed The Transporter 1 & 2. So he knows what he is doing 😉

Fun Times at the Shooting Range

Like a true American on this wonderful Labor Day weekend, I exercised my 2nd Amendment rights and went to the shooting range.  Honestly, none of this occurred to me when me and my friends were planning it out. Guns are just awesome! However, I’m glad we have the right to bear arms.  A single, tiny girl like me needs some protection from the crazy people out there.

Speaking of which, stay away from Fox’s Lounge by Sunset Place in Miami. This place is chuck full of smelly, loser hipsters.  I definitely feel my age when I go to these type of places.  In the first few minutes I was there a fight broke out between one smelly guy and another one.  One of them threw a beer bottle right at the other guy. Yeah, NOT interested in hanging there again.  I think I have out grown my attraction to bummy loser type guys.

Anyways, back to guns and the range.  The first and only other time I went to the range my friend loaded all the magazines and set up the guns to shoot.  This time I bought my own ammo, got to load all the magazines, set up the gun, aimed and fired.  There is something about the sound that guns make when they are being loaded and set up to fire that is bad ass.  It reminds me of every movie and tv show you have seen that featured a gun totting person.  I was able to use 2 handguns and an assault rifle. 

I remember before I ever used or held a gun I was terribly frightened of them.  I didn’t want one near me and was seriously afraid of accidentally firing one and/or hurting someone.  However, once you learn how to use them and see that they can be used safely your fear goes away….for the most part.  Unfortunately, the first time I fired a shotgun it flew right out of my hands.  It scared the crap out of me.  For a second I thought I had shot someone.  I will most likely not volunteer to fire one again. Also, I am not so sure if I can get used to all the different boom noises each model makes.  The louder the scarier.  Check out the rifle the man shooting in the middle is using.  He was having fun practicing, but his rifle was loud as hell and sparks flew out of his barrel when he fired.  Cool and scary at the same time. 

When my mom had asked me what I did today she gave me a lecture about how scary that is and that I should do another sport.  I never really thought of it as a sport, altough I know it can be. But I mainly told her guns are fun, safe and stupid people hurt other people, not guns. 

At one point I had wondered if I might shoot someone out of anger.  I doubt I would. Just knowing the strength you need just to hold and fire the gun and the damage it does to a target, I highly doubt I can ever pull the trigger at someone on purpose unless I was in extreme danger. 

After the trip to the range I came back home exhausted.  Yup, it is a work out shooting, and it is pretty damn relaxing as well.  It doesn’t take your problems away, but it is definately a distraction.  I would love to buy a hand gun now. Too bad they are expensive 🙁