Like a true American on this wonderful Labor Day weekend, I exercised my 2nd Amendment rights and went to the shooting range.  Honestly, none of this occurred to me when me and my friends were planning it out. Guns are just awesome! However, I’m glad we have the right to bear arms.  A single, tiny girl like me needs some protection from the crazy people out there.

Speaking of which, stay away from Fox’s Lounge by Sunset Place in Miami. This place is chuck full of smelly, loser hipsters.  I definitely feel my age when I go to these type of places.  In the first few minutes I was there a fight broke out between one smelly guy and another one.  One of them threw a beer bottle right at the other guy. Yeah, NOT interested in hanging there again.  I think I have out grown my attraction to bummy loser type guys.

Anyways, back to guns and the range.  The first and only other time I went to the range my friend loaded all the magazines and set up the guns to shoot.  This time I bought my own ammo, got to load all the magazines, set up the gun, aimed and fired.  There is something about the sound that guns make when they are being loaded and set up to fire that is bad ass.  It reminds me of every movie and tv show you have seen that featured a gun totting person.  I was able to use 2 handguns and an assault rifle. 

I remember before I ever used or held a gun I was terribly frightened of them.  I didn’t want one near me and was seriously afraid of accidentally firing one and/or hurting someone.  However, once you learn how to use them and see that they can be used safely your fear goes away….for the most part.  Unfortunately, the first time I fired a shotgun it flew right out of my hands.  It scared the crap out of me.  For a second I thought I had shot someone.  I will most likely not volunteer to fire one again. Also, I am not so sure if I can get used to all the different boom noises each model makes.  The louder the scarier.  Check out the rifle the man shooting in the middle is using.  He was having fun practicing, but his rifle was loud as hell and sparks flew out of his barrel when he fired.  Cool and scary at the same time. 

When my mom had asked me what I did today she gave me a lecture about how scary that is and that I should do another sport.  I never really thought of it as a sport, altough I know it can be. But I mainly told her guns are fun, safe and stupid people hurt other people, not guns. 

At one point I had wondered if I might shoot someone out of anger.  I doubt I would. Just knowing the strength you need just to hold and fire the gun and the damage it does to a target, I highly doubt I can ever pull the trigger at someone on purpose unless I was in extreme danger. 

After the trip to the range I came back home exhausted.  Yup, it is a work out shooting, and it is pretty damn relaxing as well.  It doesn’t take your problems away, but it is definately a distraction.  I would love to buy a hand gun now. Too bad they are expensive 🙁


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