Colombiana, don’t waste your time seeing this movie.  This movie is advertised as a sexy action thriller. I was pretty bored during a good chunk of this movie. I was somehow duped into thinking this would be a girl version of Taken. However, it did not even come close.

Unfortunately, the movie only comprised of a few suspenseful scenes where she sneaks in to kill a few bad guys and/or uses a cool gun. They also mixed in a small love story. I really hate when directors mix in love stories into movies where there is supposed to be none of that. If you are going to mix in a love story at least make me care about these people. I personally didn’t care if this chick had a bang buddy or not. This director couldn’t come up with something better than a girl falling for a stupid guy and almost getting caught because of it? Lame…btw the director is Olivier Megaton. 

If you want to see a really great action movie watch Taken. It is full of suspense, creative killing scenes, and hand to hand combat. The director of Taken is Pierre Morel, who also directed The Transporter 1 & 2. So he knows what he is doing 😉
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