Can you possibly complain about a free movie?  Yes!
So just about every week I go to the movies with my friend, who works at the local movie theather.  Granted the ticket is free, but you still waste 2 hours of your life watching the movie whether it’s good or bad.  Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by the movie, but most of the time I know we are going to watch a disappointing action movie or “thriller”.  Mostly because there is nothing else out there to watch.

Today’s snooze fest was The Debt.  I can’t say it was terrible.  However, it was a bit drawn out and boring to be called a “espionage thriller”.  The movie started off interesting, and the cinematography and score did make it suspenseful for the first few minutes.  However, once you get into the story and you can kinda guess what is happening or going to happen, and it starts to get pretty slow. 

Another thing that erks me about movies lately is the leading female character.  They are never up to par with what I expect them to be. For example, in the Colombiana I thought the leading lady would be a strong, cold, assassin. Instead all she did was sneak around and it had only one hand to hand combat scene, where she got a pretty good beating although she didn’t necessarily lose.

In this movie, the lead female role was weak, a crybaby, and couldn’t make up her mind as to who she actually wanted to be with.  Oh wait…I think that’s how girls really are.  NOOOOOO…

Anyways, my main point is that I want a lead female character to be strong, independant, smart and can kick as much ass as a dude.  Along with a good story line to actually match the action.  Is that too much to ask from Hollywood? Apparently so.  I have to give credit to Quentin Tarentino for making girls badass, like Kiddo from Kill Bill. 

Well, if you are bored one day watch The Debt.  Otherwise, watch something else. 

As always, comments are welcome.  If you have a favorite female character or a movie to recommend leave a comment 🙂

On a side note:  The preview for Drive looks REALLY good.  Also, everyone who has seen it has said nothing but good things.  I’m putting that on my list to watch.

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