Nothing to post other than my frustrations…
I am about 6 chapters behind in my Networking class and 1-2 in my SQL class.  I really don’t think working in IT is my proper place, nor is Law.  Although, I do get a kick out of web designing because it uses my creativity.  Programming and/or other network related stuff is not my forte to say the least.  Wouldn’t life be great if all you had to do was blog for a living and create websites.  Unfortunately, you have to be pretty damn good at it. 

Law is another story….I am still waiting to apply for early admission and see if that goes anywhere.  But lately I have been contemplating doing real estate since I have been doing so much work finding myself a house.  What the hell does a real estate agent do anyways, besides making appointments and looking up shit in MLS?  I have always wanted to flip houses as well.  If I had enough money I would love to buy a place and fix it up and sell it.

Anyways, I haven’t figured what works yet to get me sufficient hits on this damn blog.  I personally like reading peoples blogs to hear their thoughts on a more personal level.  Writing down your feelings can come across so different than in person.  I am sure my movie reviews are not too exciting for people, but I definitely don’t like putting my personal crap out there so much.  Certain things are OK.  Definitely not my love life.  Maybe I should write about the places I go out to, since I tend to go out often on the weekend. 

BTW, I hate reading YELP.  That site is sooo negative.  People seem to be really snobby about their experiences and tend to exaggerate the good or the bad of a place.  Also, I don’t give a shit about why you were there or what you and your friends were celebrating or doing that day, and every stupid thing you did while you were there.  I want to know if the service is good, the place is nice, cheap or expensive, and the type of people that go there and dress code.  Also, you’re not a writer if you post on there.  You are just putting a fucking comment/review.  Unfortunately, sometimes that’s the only place you can find a quick review on a place, but either way I have to just go and find out for myself how it really is.


10/10/2011 – Update:  I passed my Networking class!! Yay! 

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