Month: October 2011

Tom’s NFL Bar in Miami

Fun is what you make of it.  I had tons of fun this weekend.  Birthdays always seem to bring out everyone you haven’t seen in a while.  It was nice to see old friends and have drinks with some new ones.

One of the places I went to and want to give a shout out to is Tom’s NFL Bar in Miami Springs.  This is my 2nd visit to Tom’s and for both occasions I had a good time.  Tom’s has good bar food (burgers, chicken fingers, etc).  I can’t give the service an A+ rating because the waitress forgot my beer and I had to remind her,  but the bartendar on Saturday was nice and served me pretty promptly.  The prices are decent and the atmosphere is good as well.  It’s not overly crowded, which can be nice.  And the crowd that does show up is a mix of mid 20’s-40’s crowd. 

They have a Trivia/kareoke night on Wednesday which is hosted by very fun dj’s.  Let me tell you this is a great improvement from the horrible dj at Grid Iron in Kendall.  I highly recommend joining the Trivia game, since it’s really fun guessing the questions and trying to win the prizes and raffle.

They also have a pool room with 3 tables or so to play for $1.  Which to me is a great plus, even if they are cheap tables.  Overall this place is a good time if you go with good company.  Another thing I wanted to note is that it looks well kept and not as dark as other dive bars.  I think this adds to the place.  It doesn’t feel as if you are hiding in a cave somewhere 😉

So visit Tom’s.  Their website can be found below:

Random Good Times – Picture Show

 I wanted to share some of my pics. Enjoy.

At the Art Walk 2010, in the Design District Downtown.

 Good times at the Ale House, Saint Patricks Day 2011.
Abraxus Lounge for Germs Bday 2011.

Yummy…Lambic at Abraxus.

Free concert at the beach 2010.

Hulk smash!!!

Ali’s art work.

Can we say good times with hats…

“Sucking on my titties like you wanted me”…

Lost In Translation.  If you couldn’t guess from my title, I just watched Lost in Translation for a second time 😉   

I didn’t like this movie the first time I saw it.  I felt as if I was gipped at the end.  However, I can see why people love it.  Sofia Coppola actually does a good job at capturing the loneliness and isolation of how it may actually feel to be an American in Japan.  Not only are you sticking out like a sore thumb, but you can barely read or understand anything (unless you have studied Japanese) and don’t forget the culture shock.

The cinematography in the movie is great.  The long camera shots of Japan’s landscape, and the clips used to capture it’s social culture such as when Charlotte walks through an arcade, or visits a temple are great as well.  I even like how the humor is subtly captured in the strip club and restaurant scenes.  

The friendship that develops between the two characters is nice.  There is a blurry line between friendships of opposite sex that cannot be denied.  Especially if both parties are going through difficult moments in life and in love.  Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions as to whether you will pursue any feelings for them or not. I like how the movie takes it’s time developing the friendship and how you can clearly feel the lonely state both of them are in, although they both have significant others.

Now that I am a few years older and wiser I can see why this movie got so many good reviews.  I had been previously disappointed by the ending because I felt it lacked resolution.  I am a sap for happy endings.  However, now that I watch it a few years later and a few years wiser I can see that it was a good ending.  It was a sweet ending of a friendship that can not cross a certain line.  It’s a realistic ending.  I would recommend watching it.  Especially if you are a fan of Japan or it’s culture.