Month: November 2011

Movie Review: The Muppets

I have always liked the muppets since I was little.  They are silly and yet have that slap stick comedy that can make an adult giggle as well.  The latest Muppets movie was no different.  It had many one liners that you will have fun repeating with your friends.  It is also a cute little kid movie with random singing and dance numbers.  And of course, don’t forget all the celebrity cameos that pop up randomly in the movies. Overall, it was very entertaining and recommend everyone go watch it.

BTW, if you watch family guy…you might notice a reference in the new movie 😉 Now go watch and have fun!

Movie Review: A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

Yes, I did thoroughly enjoy this movie.  It is a shits and giggles type movie.  So if you are a serious person, with a sophiscated sense of humor please skip it.  However, if you like toilet humor and cheesy 3D effects…this is the movie for you. 

Basically Harold and Kumar are back for a 3rd movie.  This time in 3D.  They are on a hunt for a replacement Christmas tree.  And of course there are shenanigans galore that they get into along the way.  I have to say it is not as good as the first and second movie, but it was still pretty funny.

I like the way they presented the 3D scenes.  It is totally cheesy, but a cute little gimmick for you pre-gramers…if you know what I mean 😉

Movie Review: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Oh boy.  I am a bit confused about this movie and why people love it so much.  I will probably have to give it a second try.

In summary, the movie is about a socialite played by Audrey Hepburn who develops a friendship with her neighbor.  Both of them have issues.  However, Paul (the writer/neighbor) sees the true vulnerable girl behind the party girl exterior and they slowly fall in love.

I think the problem I have with this movie is that I don’t really like Holly, the character Audrey plays.  Maybe the director and screen writer made the character that way.  She was a gold digging, liar….with a heart of gold? Ummm…yeah I guess I didn’t really feel that way.  Her neighbor Paul can do better.  Oooo I just said that!

Although I didn’t really fall in love with the movie, maybe you might like it.  It has some romance and is a period movie from the Post World War II era.  So the clothing, dialogue and characters of that time are interesting to watch.  For example, the Asian landlord is clearly played by a regular American Joe with thick black rimmed glasses and false teeth (an extreme stereotype of Asian folks back in the days). What does that say about that era in movie making?

Update:  11/27/11-  I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s last night again, I still didn’t like Holly.  As a matter of fact I liked her even less this time.  She comes off even crazier the 2nd time around.  Sorry, but this will not be a classic on my list of movies :/