Month: January 2012

Afrobeta, Sushi and Drinks…

This weekend was interesting.  I saw Afrobeta this weekend at Vagabond downtown.  Its a DJ and MC electronic group.  They have a very unique electronic sound.  I normally don’t like bands or groups that are fronted by women, but the lead singer for Afrobeta has a very cool voice.  Unfortunately, the videos I found online do not compare to the live show.  If you get a chance to see them check them out.  Friday was a night of catching up with old friends.  Talking smack about past relationships and dancing like crazy till the end of the night is just so much fun sometimes.

I also hung out around South Miami.  This is probably one of my favorite places in Miami. The area around Sunset Place is nice and the people walking around all look like they are high class…or a hipster.  I like looking at everyones fashions.  There are also tons of restaurants in the area.  I highly recommend going to Ra Sushi.  Although it is a chain of some sorts, it’s actually pretty good.  I would like to note that the waiters are pretty darn cute and friendly as well.  They have a really affordable lunch special that will fill you up before 3pm.

Later on that day I ended up trying a new place I’ve never been to, Town.  This is a classy bar.  Expect to pay a good $14 for a cocktail.  Fortunately, they have a happy hour where you get half off drinks.  I tried a Pink Elephant for the first time.  It’s a fruity and delicious drink that will creep up on you before you are done with one glass.  If I were to ever start a bar/restaurant I would like it to look something like this place or maybe Abraxis by the beach.  One can only dream…you gotta work hard to save any sort of money now a days.  Even with a decent job.

The Man Who Sold the World

I recently heard Nirvana Unplugged after some time of not listening to it.  I didn’t notice before how beautiful The Man Who Sold the World is…

We passed upon the stair, we spoke in was and when
Although I wasn’t there, he said I was his friend
Which came as a surprise, I spoke into his eyes
I thought you died alone, a long long time ago

Oh no, not me
We never lost control
You’re face to face
With The Man Who Sold The World

I laughed and shook his hand, and made my way back home
I searched for a foreign land, for years and years I roamed
I gazed a gazeless stare, we walked a million hills
I must have died alone, a long long time ago

Who knows? Not me
I never lost control
You’re face to face
With the Man who Sold the World

Who knows? not me
We never lost control
You’re face to face
With the Man who Sold the World

Here is the original David Bowie version:

Here is Nirvana’s cover:  I sorta like Kurt’s voice.  Although you have to pay homage to David Bowie for writing such a great song.

Movie Review for 2011

Welcome to 2012!  I should have posted this earlier, but better late than never.  That’s my motto for sure 🙂
Below is a quick review of the movies that came out in 2011 that I actually saw.  Unfortunately, the list is pretty scarce of movies that are actually worth seeing more than once.

Unknown – Yeah, don’t bother with this movie, you will be disappointed.  Watch Taken instead.

Insidious – This movie is worth watching. It has suspense and many of those jump out of your seat moments.  Had a lot of potential until the end.

Prom – This movie is really girly and cute.  Pretty enjoyable if you are a girly girl.

Rio –  This movie is worth the watch.  It’s cute, well written, and the animation is great.

Thor – This is a well done comic book movie.  And of course it has my boyfriend Thor in it <3

The Hang Over Part II – It was entertaining, but basically a repeat of the same scenarios as the original. 

X-Men: First Class – I highly recommend this movie.  It is a pretty close race between Thor and X-men for the best comic book adaption for me.  Some of the complaints I heard was that it had a cheese factor, but of course it would…it’s a comic book adaptation.  Also, some of the characters were not part of the original Xmen crew.  Well either way the movie was still well done.  You can’t deny that.

Super 8 –  This movie was enjoyable.  It had lots of potential, and the cast of kids were good actors.  Of course it made the mistake that many sci-fi/monster movies do and that is…(nah you have to watch it)

Green Lantern – I rate this movie OK.  My friends loved it, but I didn’t.  To me it was not as well written, directed, or edited as some of the other comic book adaptations that came out.  Marvel has the upper hand in comic book movies.

Bad Teacher – This movie was pretty entertaining.  It was nice to see Cameron Diaz in a comical bad girl role. 

Horrible Bosses – I loved this movie.  I love Charlie Day and the cast behind this movie.  Must watch.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:  Part 2 – This movie ended the Harry Potter series and did not disappoint.  It had minor holes missing from the last movie but it was still well done and enjoyable.

Captain America:  The First Avenger – Another well done movie by Marvel to prequel the Avengers movie coming out.

The Myth of the American Sleepover – This movie was weird and pointless.  It wasn’t necessarily bad just didn’t really do anything for me.

Cowboys and Aliens – Eh…you can skip this one too.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Well done movie.  I liked everything about it, except for James Franco’s lisp. o.O yeah I said it.

The Help – One of the best movies of the year.  Very well written and directed. 

Conan the Barbarian – Very violent.  Not terrible if you like that sort of thing.  I think I prefer the original Conan with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Colombiana – Blek

The Debt – Snooze fest. 

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – 50/50 This movie is only good for Twilight fans.

I hope 2012 brings more original movies to the screen and better quality overall in writing and direction.

Thoughts on 2011

Whoo it’s the 1st of 2012.  Welcome to a new year everyone! 

Went to a great new years party last night and brunch with good friends 🙂

I feel like I should post a 2011 sum up.  However, I can’t seem to remember much of it -_- (no kidding).  Let’s see…

I can’t say 2011 was that crappy of a year…the Taylor women held up the fort this year, while the men disappointed.  I am glad everyone is holding their own in their situation and can’t wait for my brother to be back with us soon. 

This year I finally got a promotion to a better job and almost bought a house.  Unfortunately, its just not the time for me to buy my home altough that is pretty much my life dream.

I won a nifty new computer in the holiday raffle at work.  It has motivated me to get back into computers and practice my programming.  Law school and anything law related has taken a back seat at the moment since I was late to register for anything plus I am personally not even sure that is the right thing for my shy and reserved mannerisms.  Maybe I’ll get myself in the groove again for summer.

On the lighter things of the year, I think I have learned to appreciate some of my friends more and have grown closer to several people this year.  I had tons of fun at several parties thrown by my awesome friends, my 80’s themed birthday party, Halloween horror nights and Halloween in general.  Halloween has grown to be one of my most favorite holidays.

The rest of the fall holidays have passed slowly this year and it is partially due to a boy.  I’m starting to think I will be single forever.  It’s not so bad being single.  However, it’s nice to have someone you can depend on, and be affectionate with without having to wonder if you mean anything to them romantically.  Bah humbug to guys that don’t know how to appreciate a nice girl when they have one. </3

I have a new appreciation for firearms, if you can’t tell from the picture.  I can’t wait to get a hand gun of my own.  Going to the shooting range has been a fun and different experience.  I also have an appreciation for motorcycles too…or more like guys on bikes 😉

New Years Resolutions:
Lose weight
Learn to program better
Move out
Just be plain happy with myself more often 🙂