This weekend was interesting.  I saw Afrobeta this weekend at Vagabond downtown.  Its a DJ and MC electronic group.  They have a very unique electronic sound.  I normally don’t like bands or groups that are fronted by women, but the lead singer for Afrobeta has a very cool voice.  Unfortunately, the videos I found online do not compare to the live show.  If you get a chance to see them check them out.  Friday was a night of catching up with old friends.  Talking smack about past relationships and dancing like crazy till the end of the night is just so much fun sometimes.

I also hung out around South Miami.  This is probably one of my favorite places in Miami. The area around Sunset Place is nice and the people walking around all look like they are high class…or a hipster.  I like looking at everyones fashions.  There are also tons of restaurants in the area.  I highly recommend going to Ra Sushi.  Although it is a chain of some sorts, it’s actually pretty good.  I would like to note that the waiters are pretty darn cute and friendly as well.  They have a really affordable lunch special that will fill you up before 3pm.

Later on that day I ended up trying a new place I’ve never been to, Town.  This is a classy bar.  Expect to pay a good $14 for a cocktail.  Fortunately, they have a happy hour where you get half off drinks.  I tried a Pink Elephant for the first time.  It’s a fruity and delicious drink that will creep up on you before you are done with one glass.  If I were to ever start a bar/restaurant I would like it to look something like this place or maybe Abraxis by the beach.  One can only dream…you gotta work hard to save any sort of money now a days.  Even with a decent job.
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