Whoo it’s the 1st of 2012.  Welcome to a new year everyone! 

Went to a great new years party last night and brunch with good friends 🙂

I feel like I should post a 2011 sum up.  However, I can’t seem to remember much of it -_- (no kidding).  Let’s see…

I can’t say 2011 was that crappy of a year…the Taylor women held up the fort this year, while the men disappointed.  I am glad everyone is holding their own in their situation and can’t wait for my brother to be back with us soon. 

This year I finally got a promotion to a better job and almost bought a house.  Unfortunately, its just not the time for me to buy my home altough that is pretty much my life dream.

I won a nifty new computer in the holiday raffle at work.  It has motivated me to get back into computers and practice my programming.  Law school and anything law related has taken a back seat at the moment since I was late to register for anything plus I am personally not even sure that is the right thing for my shy and reserved mannerisms.  Maybe I’ll get myself in the groove again for summer.

On the lighter things of the year, I think I have learned to appreciate some of my friends more and have grown closer to several people this year.  I had tons of fun at several parties thrown by my awesome friends, my 80’s themed birthday party, Halloween horror nights and Halloween in general.  Halloween has grown to be one of my most favorite holidays.

The rest of the fall holidays have passed slowly this year and it is partially due to a boy.  I’m starting to think I will be single forever.  It’s not so bad being single.  However, it’s nice to have someone you can depend on, and be affectionate with without having to wonder if you mean anything to them romantically.  Bah humbug to guys that don’t know how to appreciate a nice girl when they have one. </3

I have a new appreciation for firearms, if you can’t tell from the picture.  I can’t wait to get a hand gun of my own.  Going to the shooting range has been a fun and different experience.  I also have an appreciation for motorcycles too…or more like guys on bikes 😉

New Years Resolutions:
Lose weight
Learn to program better
Move out
Just be plain happy with myself more often 🙂

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