I have been staying at home more often lately.  Therefore, I have turned to my favorite thing to do at home…watch Netflix .  However, Netflix has been disappointing me with it’s streaming movie selection.  I guess their new business plan is to provide a slew of TV shows to stream instead of movies.  Bleh, this can be good cause I like to watch some TV shows on Netflix like South Park, Scrubs and Breaking Bad.  But I originally loved Netflix because of it’s movie selection.  It would thoroughly enjoy browsing their selection and setting up my queue.

So I decided to remedy the situation by watching Anime.  I used to watch a lot more Anime a few years ago, but I somewhat lost interest.  However, I did find a few things to watch and recommend you check them out. P.S, I know they are old…from 2008 or so, but hey…they are new to me 🙂

Darker Than Black:
This is an interesting show.  It’s split into 3 short seasons and you can watch it in a short period of time.  It’s basically about a new breed of humans that start sprouting out after a strange area pops up in Tokyo and changes the sky.  Sounds weird huh?  Well it is a bit weird.

The humans with new powers are called Contractors and basically use their powers to kill people they are contracted to do so.  The characters are interesting.  Each of them has a back story episode and you keep wanting to watch it just to see where the story leads you.  There is alot of killing, blood, fighting and drama.

Black Blood Brothers:
BBB is a pretty cool vampire anime.  The story revolves around Jiru (an old blood vampire) and his younger brother trying to make their way to the Special Zone.  They end up in the middle of a race battle between the Kowloon children (another race of vampires) and humans.  There is lots of action, drama, some romance and cool looking anime guys. This is a plus for any girl who likes vampires and anime 🙂  Unfortunately, Netflix only has season one and I want to see more of it.  The background stories for most of the characters only begins to unwrap in this season and the battle between the vampire clans and so forth is just beginning as well.

Soul EaterI started to watch this anime a few years ago.  I eventually caught up to it’s release in Japan and had to wait for a weekly episode to be subbed in English, so I lost track of it.  Now it’s on Netflix and I have been catching up.  It might be for a younger crowd, but it still has lots of action, cool characters, a pretty good story line and humor.  I would compare it to Naruto, maybe.  It’s based on several students that go to an academy for Shinigamis (death gods). The students are paired up as meisters and they have a partner they use as a weapon. They are training to ultimately make their weapons into Death Scythes and collect evil souls.  There are witches, ghost and other monsters that cause trouble for the students as they collect souls to reach their goals.

Update 03-06-12:  I finally finished watching Soul Eater.  Eh, I was slightly disappointed the ending was a pretty typical anime ending.  It made sense, which alot of animes tend to piss off fans at the end and not make any sense at all, but I was hopeing for more.  :/

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