The Secret World of Arriety is another cute, well animated movie by Japanese director/writer, Hayao Miyazaki.  The story revolves around a young “Borrower” named Arrietty and her family. They live their lives hiding in the inners of a house and borrowing needed items to survive. Unfortunately, they are discovered a young boy that moves in the house and their world is suddenly upwhirled because of it.

Disney did a pretty good job of dubbing the movie in English.  At the movie theater I was surrounded by annoying little children. And when I mean annoying, they wouldn’t stop talking or yelling at the screen, or sit still. But they all seemed to enjoy themselves. As an adult, I liked the story, characters and the animation of it.

However, the only thing I have a bone to pick with is that the story didn’t really have a point to it. My sister advised it was missing a true climax.  Despite this, it’s still a cute movie you might want to take your kids to.

If you are interested in anime, or just a plain good animated movie check out some of the rest of Miyazaki’s movies including: Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and Howl’s Flying Castle.

Do you have a favorite Miyazaki movie? Leave a comment or suggestion 😉
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