I finally got to see Tool this past Monday!!! They are one of my all time favorite bands 🙂

The show was great!  The band plays as well as any of their recordings.  They pretty much played all their popular songs including Stinkfist, Sober, Aenema, FortySix and 2, and Schism.  The light show was great.  If you were on any sort of narcotic I’m sure it would have added an extra umph to the light show 😉

I completely lucked out because of my awesome friends.  We ended up upgrading our nose bleed seats for suite seats for free.  Courtesy of some nice strangers and hot babes. That completely brought an extra dose of awesome to the whole night.

Unfortunately, my fancy phone was dieing around this time (as usual).  I tried to take as many pics as possible, but they all came out blurry and distant looking.The stage had a pretty cool set of large screens that played their videos on.

The opening act failed to mention their name, so I had no clue who this band was.  They weren’t very good tho.  Lost of growling type singing….

One thing that was a bummer from the night is that the lead singer Maynard was hiding by the drummer the whole time.  Many people have told me he tends to have stage fright and does this at all the shows.  Awe…that saddened me.  However, he still sounded great! So it was just a minor flaw in the act.
So check out Tool.  They are a pretty hardcore rock band with a dash of artsiness to them.  The lyrics have alot of meaning and the entire band is just an awesome ensemble and do a great performance.  You can view the video for Sober below:
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