If there is one thing I like doing is recommending a place with good customer service.  This past weekend I dined at Marhaba by Sunset Place Mall.  This establishment serves Mediterranean cuisine and it’s quiet tasty to say the least.  Their staff is very polite and attentive and sitting at their outside table on a cool night was nice.

Hookahs are available in a variety of flavors for $20 for two persons and $2 each additional person.  It is a bit pricey for a hookah, but hey it was a good time.  The main reason I’m praising their customer service is mostly because I’m a klutz and broke the hookah we were smoking.  Nice one!  But the waiter came over, apologized although it was in no way any fault of his own, and cleaned up the mess.  After eating our hearts away and having a pretty fun dinner,  we asked for the check and they didn’t even charge us for breaking the hookah.


So I highly recommend checking Marhaba out.  They have a variety of dishes from kabob’s, humus appetizers, Greek salads, lamb, meat and chicken platters, etc.  Enjoy!
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