Month: April 2012

Avatar: Legend of Korra

Yay!!! A new Avatar season has begun!  The new series begins many years after Avatar Ang and his friends had their adventures.  There are many references to the past characters and some of the new characters are direct descendants.  Korra is the new protagonist and the new incarnation of the Avatar, directly after Ang. She is a head strong teenager, but still lacks in skills when it comes to air bending and worldly wisdom.

I’m so glad the original writers/creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko  are still working on the show.  Just like the original show, the animation, humor and writing are up to par.  I would even say the animation looks even better now.   There seems to be a steam punk influence as well, as I noticed the industrialized city scape and new outfits for the characters.
Nickelodeon airs the show on Saturdays at 11am est.  So catch it.  If you haven’t seen the original series, it is a must see for animation fans.  Great fighting scenes, great characters and storyline.  I am waiting to see more references in the new series to my favorite characters Zuko and Toph.  Hope they show up soon.  Either way the new storyline seems to be taking shape and I’m excited to see episode 4.
P.S. Have you been keeping up with Game of Thrones?

Movie Review: Cabin in the Woods

I’m pleased to tell you I enjoyed watching Cabin in the Woods.  I thought it was a pretty creative horror movie.  It follows the typical formula of a group of teens going up to an isolated log cabin in the woods…or does it?  The less you know about this movie the more you will enjoy it.

The eye candy is a plus as well.  For the ladies, Chris Hemsworth is casted as the main jock 😉

I looked up the reviews for this movie and so far the fans agree.  It got a very good rating of 91% on and 8.1 on  I know a few people didn’t like it, and I’m pretty sure it’s because they were expecting something completely different.  There is a lot of humor in between the horror/violence, but I considered it a positive.  Check it out if you can, I highly recommend it!

White Collar Crime – Hackers -LulzSec hacker Cody Kretsinger

I thought this article was interesting:

Not so much the content, or the hacker himself but the fact that his possible sentence is 15 years.  Wow, for a white collar crime?  I thought the comments left by readers were pretty interesting.  I’m sure it’s tempting for some people out there to cause some havoc if they knew how to do it discreetly.  Not that I condone hacking, but if it weren’t for some of those computer savvy people out there some of the best Internet sites and software would not have been created.  Who likes to pay for music or movies anymore? No one, and that’s the truth.

Anyways, back to my point at hand.  The sentencing for some of these actions are a bit harsh.  I understand the implications that some of these white collar crimes cause like the loss of thousands of dollars for companies, and for a lot of people their stolen identity…but to sit in jail for more than a decade for a few key strokes as opposed to a violent or armed crime is a bit extreme in my opinion.  Either way, I’m sure this is a touchy subject for people but I found it to be an interesting topic.

Boo – The World’s Cutest Dog

If you haven’t seen Boo, you must!  He is the cutest dog I have ever seen.  ‘He’s a Pomeranian with a funny hair cut’. This puppy even has a Facebook page you can follow where his owner posts funny pictures and updates about him.  Just wanted to share some adorable pictures of him.  They even have a plushy toy that looks just like him.

What Happened to Michael Cera?

What happened to Michael Cera?  I have been watching a lot of Arrested Development lately, (which is a great show btw) and Michael Cera was actually a pretty cute little boy.  Now he is older and…umm what happened?
Don’t mean to bash on him, cause I do like his movies.  But, he needs to go back to his old hair cut and eat a few donuts or something….


Movie Review: Bridesmaids

I Finally saw Bridesmaids this weekend.  It was a pretty funny movie.  For a girly movie, it had plenty of raunchy moments and silly toilet humor. I especially liked the fact it had my favorite Irishman in it, Chris O’Dowd.  Such a cutie 🙂  Another thing that I like about this movie, is that the roles are mostly played by comedians and they are normal looking.  It’s easier to believe a girl is having a rough patch in her life when they don’t look like a super model.  Only bad point I would say is it had a cheese ball ending.  Some may find it cute, but don’t let that stop you from seeing it. You will definitely enjoy.

P.S.  If you don’t know who Chris O’Dowd is, he is one of the stars from The IT Crowd (a British comedy series) and has been in a few films since.  If you haven’t seen The IT Crowd, I highly recommend you do!