Yay!!! A new Avatar season has begun!  The new series begins many years after Avatar Ang and his friends had their adventures.  There are many references to the past characters and some of the new characters are direct descendants.  Korra is the new protagonist and the new incarnation of the Avatar, directly after Ang. She is a head strong teenager, but still lacks in skills when it comes to air bending and worldly wisdom.

I’m so glad the original writers/creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko  are still working on the show.  Just like the original show, the animation, humor and writing are up to par.  I would even say the animation looks even better now.   There seems to be a steam punk influence as well, as I noticed the industrialized city scape and new outfits for the characters.
Nickelodeon airs the show on Saturdays at 11am est.  So catch it.  If you haven’t seen the original series, it is a must see for animation fans.  Great fighting scenes, great characters and storyline.  I am waiting to see more references in the new series to my favorite characters Zuko and Toph.  Hope they show up soon.  Either way the new storyline seems to be taking shape and I’m excited to see episode 4.
P.S. Have you been keeping up with Game of Thrones?
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