I thought this article was interesting:


Not so much the content, or the hacker himself but the fact that his possible sentence is 15 years.  Wow, for a white collar crime?  I thought the comments left by readers were pretty interesting.  I’m sure it’s tempting for some people out there to cause some havoc if they knew how to do it discreetly.  Not that I condone hacking, but if it weren’t for some of those computer savvy people out there some of the best Internet sites and software would not have been created.  Who likes to pay for music or movies anymore? No one, and that’s the truth.

Anyways, back to my point at hand.  The sentencing for some of these actions are a bit harsh.  I understand the implications that some of these white collar crimes cause like the loss of thousands of dollars for companies, and for a lot of people their stolen identity…but to sit in jail for more than a decade for a few key strokes as opposed to a violent or armed crime is a bit extreme in my opinion.  Either way, I’m sure this is a touchy subject for people but I found it to be an interesting topic.

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