I was lucky enough to get tickets to a pre-screening of the Avengers this week.  The showing was at 6:30pm only a few hours before the Midnight release, but hey I was still lucky.  It was crazy to see people camping out already at 6pm for the midnight showing.  But I can understand since the movie was  great!
It takes all the recent Marvel movies, their characters, and teams everyone up to fight against Loki, Thor’s brother.  The movie combines action, comedy, a pretty well thought out plot and cool characters.
The biggest surprise to me was Hulk.  Although I love super hot Thor, Hulk stole the show here.  I had my doubts about Mark Ruffalo playing Bruce Banner, after seeing Edward Norton do such a great job.  However, it worked out pretty well.
Another character that shined in this movie was the Black Widow played byScarlett Johansson . I love it when Hollywood finally makes a lead girl character into someone that is smart, pretty and just plain bad ass.
Anyways, I greatly enjoyed this movie and believe people from any age group will enjoy it.  Plus I like the free stuff I got as well from the screening 🙂
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  1. My only complaint about this movie is Captain America's new suit and Hawkeye didn't have enough screen time or major battle scenes. He was kinda kept in the dark like he was in Thor. Hawkeye is badass. Let the beast out!

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