Men in Black 3:

I finally got some time off work and was able to catch up with some movies.  The first movie I want to discuss is Men in Black 3.  I was sorta excited to see this movie.  Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones team up once again as Agent J and Agent K.  This time agent J has to travel back in time to save K’s life in present.

I really liked the first Men in Black movie, and I’m sure plenty of you out there did as well.  I was hoping this time around they might make it at least as good as the first one.  Unfortunately, I can’t say it did.  The movie was not bad, but I thought it lacked a little more excitement or comedy.  Sometimes the movie hung a bit between some of the quieter scenes between Agent J and Agent K.   I did like Jemaine Clement’s performance as the evil alien.  You can barely recognize him in all the alien make up, but he does a terrific job at playing the bad guy.  The movie was pretty well done.  Just not as exciting as I had hoped.

P.S:  If you haven’t seen Jemaine before, check out The Flight of the Conchords. The show is silly, but hilarious.

As far as the 3D part, I can barely notice the 3D after a few minutes.  This happens to me for more 3D movies.  My eyes seem to adjust to the movie and I don’t notice anything really standing out after a while.  I don’t think it’s worth the 16 movie ticket to see the movie in 3D.  But it sure is nice to see the movie on the HD digital projectors.  The technology and crispness of the picture just doesn’t compare anymore to the old school projectors.



Drive is not recent, but it deserves a review.  I was actually more inspired to write about this movie than any of the other movies I have seen lately.  This movie centers around a young stunt driver that moonlights as a getaway driver for criminals.  This sounds like a great plot already, but unfortunately the movie doesn’t exactly have a great script.  The dialogue in the movie is very minimal and the characters are a little flat.  But there is much to say about the cinematography of this movie.

The movie starts off with a great soundtrack playing. Even the opening credits are well thought out.  They are in a hot pink, 80’s graphic font, that match the opening song.  The movie is full of great shots and angles.  Even Ryan Gosling’s character, only referred to as The Driver, is dressed and framed to look gorgeous in all his scenes.

This movie had a lot of potential.  The characters could have been developed more with deeper background stories. Likewise, the bad guys seemed stereotypical Mafiosos.  The movie also lacked a bit more action.  Which is what I believe is what it was originally advertised as.

With all it’s faults, if you love cinema and want to see a film with great artistic style watch Drive.  It will leave you wanting just a little more, but I think its worth a watch.

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1 comment on “Movie Review: Men in Black 3 , Drive”

  1. MIIIB – It was better than #2 and very close to #1. The plot was really good and the acting was up to par. I do think Will Smith needs to do a new movie already. His lingering character is annoying. He's too gangsta to stop the earth from being saved.

    And how can you forget to mention Josh Brolin? He did an excellent young Agent K. He's come a long way since Goonies, my friend.

    Drive – Pure and utter garbage. The 30 minutes of combined silence in this 80 minute movie was killing me. My coworker and I ab-libbed the whole movie for fun. Ryan Gosling is beautiful. LOL No homo. That is all

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