Month: June 2012

Movie Review: Prometheus

I have been procrastinating writing a review on this movie.  Mainly, I have been trying to form an opinion of it.

The movie centers around a team of archaeologist, engineers and other scientist that travel to a distant planet to explore the origins of humans.  Unfortunately, what they find is not the origin of humans but a possible plan to end all of humanity instead.

The movie was visually great.  It is one of the few movies worth watching in 3D.  The shots of space and the ship Prometheus are beautiful.  The lighting whether the cast was in the ship or in the dark cavernous ruins set the cold and ominous mood of the movie.  Unfortunately, the movie was as suspenseful as a cheap horror movie.

As much as I like this movie, the characters were not as well developed as I had hoped.  For such a beautifully shot movie it missed creating believable/likable characters.  Other than the actual crew that flew the ship, the men were all men of science (archaeologists, engineers, biologist).  They did not have the temperament or verbiage of being more than a regular Joe Schmoe from a fishing crew.  Yet, we were supposed to believe these men were maybe some of the brightest minds set to go explore the origins of man kind on an entirely unknown planet.  Two of these brilliant minds get separated despite the immense technology the ship has to possibly locate them and bring them back to the ship.  The captain was the least likable for me.  As a captain you would think he would have more decorum, yet he definitely reminds me of one of the captains from those shows on TLC.

I highly liked David the android.  Just as the original Alien movie had a android with a separate agenda so did David.  He almost seemed to have emotions as some of the other crew members constantly took a jab at his logic and purpose of existence.

I also have to give props to Charlize Theron for a great performance as a cold bitchy umm captain? I have no idea what her role was in this movie.  But whatever it was, she did a good job at it.

Noomi Rapace also does a good job for what is given to her.  She is basically a young Ripley and was probably one of the more developed characters in the movie.

Anyways, there are a few more bloopers that can be discussed but I don’t want to ruin the movie.  I do recommend people watch it and take it for what it is.  It’s a prequel that deserves a second movie to resolve all the unanswered questions it creates.   And despite all the negative reviews its getting, it sure makes you think about the plot gaps and allows fans to create their own conclusions.  I have read several theories on the Engineers already and its kinda fun reading fan fictions based on their own conclusions of the movie.  So go see it for yourself!  As a matter of fact, I want to watch it for a 2nd time.  Its pretty enjoyable with lots of cinematic eye candy.  It leaves you thinking, but isn’t that good sometimes?


P.S.  Just wanted to share a funny pic someone sent to me 🙂 Thanks Chris!

Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Another retelling of Snow White is out.  This time the movie makers choose to go with a very dark retelling of the story.  I wasn’t expecting too much from this movie, considering it has Kristen Stewart as Snow White.  However, I was pleasantly surprised it was well done.
Snow White’s mother died when she was young and the King was forced into battle shortly after where he found a beautiful woman imprisoned by the other army.  He instantly had to marry her.  Enter Queen Ravenna, played by Charlize Theron who ends up killing the King and imprisoning Snow White.  Ravenna had many dark powers and a magic mirror that would tell her she was ‘the fairest of them all’, until the day Snow White came of age and her power would be threatened to be taken.  Snow White eventually escapes, and with the help of The Huntsman (played by Chris Hemsworth), and the Dwarves, manages to defeat the Queen.
The cinematography and special affects of the movie are great.  Snow White encounters lots of creatures both good and bad in forest that were superbly animated.  The make up used to make the Queen look old and frail was nicely done.  Many of her dresses, and accessories were gorgeously Gothic.  Not to mention the random scenes were she is dipping her self in milk or rejuvenating herself. And lets not forget the Dwarfs who were played by famous stars such as Nick Frost, and Bob Hoskins.  Not only did they look realistic as dwarfs but their characters brought warmness to the movie and some comic relief as well.
Chris Hemsworth, played his role well as The Huntsman.  He can play the role of the tough guy, with a soft spot for Snow White.  And for the girls, he looks damn good as usual! Just saying…
As much as this movie had great aspects to it.  I really wish they had chosen a different Snow White.  Kristen Stewart’s performance was not that horrible, but I cannot see her leading anyone into battle or being the innocent Snow White.  She has the same face for about 80% of the movie, although she manages not to stutter like a awkward teenager the way she does in every other movie.   Please see below for examples of the same open mouth look she has:


I guess that’s her signature look or something, but I just can’t stand it.  Well besides Kristen Stewart, the movie is worth watching.  Especially for Chris Hemsworth j/k 😉

On a side note, if you ever wondered where these fairy tales come from you can read the Grimm’s Brothers Fairy Tales.  They set out to collect and document German folklore.  Many of our childhood fairy tales evolved from this including Cinderella and Rumpelstiltskin.  In their version of Snow White, the Queen had sent the Huntsman to kill Snow White and he had pity on her and let her runaway into the forest.  That’s where she came upon the seven dwarfs house and they allowed her to stay with them as their maid.  Snow White was very innocent and gullible and was tricked by the Queen about 3 times before she succumbed into a deep deathlike sleep after eating a poisonous apple.  The dwarfs thought she was too beautiful to be buried and set up a glass coffin in the forest.  Eventually, a prince had passed through the forest and saw the glass coffin.  He instantly fell in love with her.  He begged the dwarfs to let him take her with him where he would keep her coffin safe.  They finally agreed and allowed him to take her body.  As one of his men was carrying the case, it was accidentally dropped and broken open.  Snow White coughed out the poisonous apple piece that was still lodged in her mouth and awoke.  Once she awoke the prince asked her to be his wife.  One of the wedding guest was Snow White’s step mother and she was given hot metal boots to dance in until she died.  The end.  It is such a short story, there is plenty of leeway for directors and artist to interpret it in anyway.