Hello fellow followers…all 7 of you 😉

Anyways, I have been neglecting my blogger duties lately.  Been out and about and just plain watching and reading a lot of nonsense online.

One of the few things I have been up to in the real world is attending Supercon!  I got to see lots of awesome cosplay by some of the attendees, went to some panels, and of course spent money at the vendors.

If you ever get a chance to attend Supercon next year, I would highly recommend you do!  Take advantage of the panels that include discussions with comic artists and other topics.  I also wanted to mention the “Pineapple-Shaped Lamps Sketch Comedy Show”.  It was a pretty funny group of actors that performed a few comedy skits related to everything nerdy.  The hour long show was pretty entertaining.  Hope they come back next year with new stuff.

Check out some pics from the con.  Of course my phone was about to die, so I only was able to take a few pics.  Enjoy!


Posters being sold by a vendor at the con.  Hey look it’s Game of Thrones 🙂
This has to be one of the best cosplay outfits I have seen.
This Hulk comic and a few others were being sold for about $3-$4,000!
Awesome Storm cosplay!
Another hot X-men character, Mystique.
Just some of the awesome craftwork by some of the vendors, a Sailormoon handmade card.
For you Brony’s out there…
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  1. Ahh I tried to post before so if this posts twice, my bad! Anywho, just wanted to say that I miss going to cons! And also, did you end up buying anything cool? Which day did you go?

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