Month: August 2012

Movie Review: Sabrina

Sabrina is a classic romantic comedy.  Made in 1954, its cast is made up of some of the most famous actors of the past:  Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and William Holden.

Sabrina is the daughter of the chauffeur for the Larrabee family.  The Larrabee’s have two sons that are the complete opposite of each other.  David, played by William Holden is the easy going playboy.  While, Linus played by Humphrey Bogart is the very serious business man.  Sabrina has been in love with David almost her entire life.  But she is of little consequence to him until she comes back from France as a more mature, elegant version of herself. The story ensues with Linus stepping in to save the families reputation and latest business venture.

The movie is really cute in so many ways.  The comedy is subtle but cute.  And most, if not all the characters are lovable or serve their purpose.

I can see why Audrey Hepburn is remembered for her style as much as her acting because of this movie.  Each scene  has her dressed in memorable outfits from the conservative dress we first see her in, to the gorgeous ball gown she wears to the Larrabee’s party.

I also liked Humphrey Bogart in this movie.  I haven’t seen many of his movies, but he strikes me as being very handsome for an older fellow.  Although he does seem a bit too old in certain angles, his character was well played by him.  Now I’m curious to see his other movies.

A while back I also saw the modern remake of Sabrina with Harrison Ford.  This movie was also cute, but I believe the original is much better.  The black and white cinematography makes some of the scenes look very nice and adds just a bit of extra class to the movie.  Also, the 1995 version is a little more serious than the 1954 version. Therefore, I recommend you watch either…but my preference is now for the Audrey Hepburn version 🙂


Text and the City

Well I don’t normally like to write about personal stuff, but I guess I can make an exception every once in a while.

I wanted to reflect on a conversation I had earlier with some friends about texting and relationships.  Unfortunately technology has killed, or is in the process of killing the telephone conversation.  Remember when you were in school and would talk on the phone for hours with your friends and/or that special guy/girl?  I do, and every once in a while I miss it.  I think it’s hard to keep up a conversation via text, and it’s really easy to misinterpret the emotional context of a text.  Did that person really give you attitude, or did you just read it that way?  This also applies to emails btw.

And lets not forget there can be misinterpretation when your text does not get answered immediately or within a few minutes, or even hours.  Were you being ignored, they were busy, or just didn’t have their phone handy?  All these things are subject to interpretation when texting.

Anyways, the one thing I very much miss is getting to know someone by phone.  I would spend hours talking to my x boyfriend on the phone, especially when we first started dating.  Although I hate to admit it, I miss having that.  To make it worse, I’m way too uncomfortable calling the guy myself.  How does that work out?!  It doesn’t!

When you first start dating you can quickly tell whether or not a relationship will be able to flourish just by how easily you can share and engage each other in conversation via the phone.  Of course going on dates is necessary as well, but its nice to know you can have someone to call and talk to.  

Anyways, I find it hard to get emotionally attached to someone that I only text with.  It feels like meaningless small talk.  It’s just not the same in my opinion.  Or maybe I just haven’t met the right guy? I suppose it is the latter.

On a sub topic…what is up with never meeting someone that is in the same stage of life as yourself?  It’s always too much or too little experience.  Where is the guy that is on the same page as yourself?

Anyways, leave a comment! I love comments!  Even if you want to be anonymous.  Also, I know there are some people out there that are just the opposite and love texting and hate calls.  Is it possible to really get to know someone via text?  What your opinion?


Movie Review: Sleepless in Seattle

Warning:  this post will have spoilers!

Okay, so a few weeks ago I finally saw Sleepless in Seattle. Yes, I know this movie is really old, but I heard it was one of the best romantic movies out there. Psshhh…I don’t think so.

I also had high hopes for this movie since Nora Ephron, famous for When Harry Met Sally and You Got Mail was the director.  Unfortunately, I didn’t understand the fascination with this movie.

So the movie starts off on a sad note.  It opens to a funeral scene.  Sam, played by Tom Hanks is a widower with a young son, Jonah.  He decides to move to Seattle to help himself move on.  On the other hand a pretty happy Annie, played by Meg Ryan is recently engaged and announces her engagement with Walter to her family.   The  relationship seems to be pretty stable and Walter seems like a nice enough guy.  However, doubt already starts to build when her mother tells her about  how “magical” it was when she first met her father.

As the story progresses Jonah makes a phone call to a radio shrink and confesses he is concerned about his father.  Sam ends up talking to the shrink and guess who is listening to the radio show, Annie.  Every girl who heard the show falls in love with Sam and his story.  Women start writing to him and offering themselves to him.  However,  Sam wants more of a “feeling” if he intends to pursue anyone.

So anyways, the very curious and obsessed Annie manages to  persuade her boss to let her write a story on the show or something like that  and hunts done Sam’s address.  At the same time she continues to doubt her relationship with not so dreamy Walter.

This is where it gets weird.  She decides to go across the  country to Sam’s house and practically stalks him and Jonah.  She creepily shows up to his house and watches them while they go boating and play around.  Sam catches her across the street from their house and doesn’t say anything to her, they just stare at each other.  This is weird!  I don’t find this romantic at all.  If this happened in real life the guy would think the girl was a crazy stalker!  Or am I wrong?  Is it more correct to assume that as long as she is pretty it’s ok to stalk a dude and his kid??? I dunno…

I guess I am not the only one that thinks this way.  Check out the video below:

Fast forward and Jonah comes across a particular letter he likes…from Annie.  He decides to take her up on her offer to meet at the top of the Empire State building.  He takes a flight to NY with out his father knowing and thus Sam flies there to find his son.  After a almost missed meeting, the two finally meet and talk and you know it’s going to be a happy ending after that.

An Affair to Remember is referenced during the movie and the major meet up at the Empire State Building comes directly from the movie.  This is okay.  Its a cute reference I suppose.  However, I guess I have a problem in part that Annie is made out to be a stereotypical girl that doesn’t know what she wants.  She is already engaged to a nice guy.  However, she is still not satisfied.  She falls in love with the IDEA of Sam and his wonderful relationship with his deceased wife.  She doesn’t even know Sam!  She falls in love with his story and not him per say.  The movie keeps talking about how love is magical and how there are no such things as coincidences and that there might be people destined for each other.  Poppy cock I say!  Poor Walter gets dumped for a concept, an idea of something that may not even exist.  Not to mention he is not very broken up about it or even a little mad.  Not every guy asks a girl to marry them you know.  I’m too old for this…

If you have your own opinion I would love to hear it.   Leave a comment.  P.S.  watch When Harry Met Sally and/or You’ve Got Mail. Much cuter movies, and easier to swallow than this one.