Well I don’t normally like to write about personal stuff, but I guess I can make an exception every once in a while.

I wanted to reflect on a conversation I had earlier with some friends about texting and relationships.  Unfortunately technology has killed, or is in the process of killing the telephone conversation.  Remember when you were in school and would talk on the phone for hours with your friends and/or that special guy/girl?  I do, and every once in a while I miss it.  I think it’s hard to keep up a conversation via text, and it’s really easy to misinterpret the emotional context of a text.  Did that person really give you attitude, or did you just read it that way?  This also applies to emails btw.

And lets not forget there can be misinterpretation when your text does not get answered immediately or within a few minutes, or even hours.  Were you being ignored, they were busy, or just didn’t have their phone handy?  All these things are subject to interpretation when texting.

Anyways, the one thing I very much miss is getting to know someone by phone.  I would spend hours talking to my x boyfriend on the phone, especially when we first started dating.  Although I hate to admit it, I miss having that.  To make it worse, I’m way too uncomfortable calling the guy myself.  How does that work out?!  It doesn’t!

When you first start dating you can quickly tell whether or not a relationship will be able to flourish just by how easily you can share and engage each other in conversation via the phone.  Of course going on dates is necessary as well, but its nice to know you can have someone to call and talk to.  

Anyways, I find it hard to get emotionally attached to someone that I only text with.  It feels like meaningless small talk.  It’s just not the same in my opinion.  Or maybe I just haven’t met the right guy? I suppose it is the latter.

On a sub topic…what is up with never meeting someone that is in the same stage of life as yourself?  It’s always too much or too little experience.  Where is the guy that is on the same page as yourself?

Anyways, leave a comment! I love comments!  Even if you want to be anonymous.  Also, I know there are some people out there that are just the opposite and love texting and hate calls.  Is it possible to really get to know someone via text?  What your opinion?

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4 comments on “Text and the City”

  1. Hey, Gio. It's Kilby. I agree with what you're saying. I much prefer talking, you get to hear the person's voice. It's much easier to get the context of what they're saying, and if you don't you could ask them to clarify. Texting is good in certain situations, mostly with people I'm not that close with or if I just feel like mentioning one little thing. To really know someone it takes a lot more than just texting or going to loud places. You really have to get to know them intimately Add my blog when you can. willkilby.blogspot.com

  2. As someone who has gotten misinterpreted many times over text/chat, I can completely agree with you. Texting/chatting just doesnt carry the intonation and what can be something said in a playful way could be interpreted as something wrong. I'm a fairly sarcastic person and I've actually had a relationship get ruined because of some misinterpreted texts. I think that while technology makes it easier to reach out to the other person (great for people who still suffer from that anxiety lol) it also makes it easier to be misunderstood. As the years have passed I know that the best thing is to just sit in front of someone and talk to them. You can then really see their face, their reaction, their intonation. Even better? you know at that point there is nothing between you and that other person just complete attention to each other.

  3. Unfortunately you may never find a partner that's on the same playing field as you. Everyone is either gonna be too inexperienced or over qualified to date you. I could say maybe it's a Miami thing, but Im no scientist.

    Im currently dating a woman that has never been married nor has kids. We have different views on children. But you know what, I don't think about that shit. I enjoy my time with her and Ill cross that bridge when I get there. And she's younger than me by 5 years. Big difference from someone closer to my age.

    As far as texting goes, Im a busy guy and I barely have time to talk. If there were chemistry, maybe the guy would call you to talk. Maybe its bc Im old school, but today's society has ruined dating. Guys use regular dating websites to seek sex and disrespect woman. Its absurd.

    FYI When you use to talk to your ex bf on the phone for hours, beepers were popular. We old, lady GT LOL

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