Hey kiddos!  Ever get pissed off at the ending for Titanic?  Well here is a funny pic my friend told me about that is floating around in the Internet.  Get it …floating? Oh no I just made a pun >:)

Well we all knew Leo could have fit on the plank of wood, but now we have proof:

On a totally unrelated note.  Just saw this commercial for Argo.  Ben Affleck actually looks like he might do a good job in this movie.  And look who else is in it, my favorite meth cooker, Bryan Cranston.  I am now curious to see this movie.

Oh and look what else is coming out next week.  Taken 2!  Okay, normally I would not promote a second part to an action flick, but its Taken 2!  Taken has got to be one of the best action movies I have seen.  I have talked and compared many action films to this movie and it’s hard to beat.  I hope I am not disappointed.  I have already started seeing bad things about this movie on twitter and other forums so I will have to see it for myself.  I admit the previews are pretty lame.  Cause overall you don’t really care about his family.  You just want to see the action sequences (which are great in part one).  Anyways, do check out part one of Taken.  You will not regret it.  And if you get a chance, see part 2 and let me know what you think.
Finally, I wanted to talk about 21 Jump Street.  I finally saw it, and it was hilarious.  This movie had many memorable lines you can joke around with your friends.  I was pleasantly pleased with Channing Tatum’s performance.  For a guy I thought was just a meat head, he was pretty darn funny in the movie…playing a meat head 🙂  Also, I have yet to watch a movie with Jonah Hill that I didn’t like.  So rent it now!
P.S.  do not keep your Red Box rental after you watch it.  You will dearly pay for every day you didn’t return it 🙁  Lesson learned.
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