Paranorman was a pretty darn good movie.  The movie is disguised as a children’s movie but in reality it has some pretty dark humor.  Norman is the young outcast in a small town that can see and speak to ghosts.   Norman is tasked with the job of suppressing the town curse and all sorts of trouble follows.There are references to pop culture and horror movies that might fly over a child’s head, but are great for adults.  It has many moments that make you giggle and some moments that are pretty serious as well.  It was well written and animated.

This movie has great style and artistry.  All the characters and everything around them is just a little asymmetrical and funky.  The amount of detail is great.  It adds even more interest to the movie. Just look at the graphics for this poster:

The voice acting was great as well.  You may even recognize someone, McLovin 😉 All and all, it is definitely worth a watch.  Especially if you like stop motion animation or digitally animated movies.
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