Hello Bloggers!

I missed you so much <3… literally!  In addition to the many lessons learned these past 2 weeks, my biggest was that I NEED THE INTERNET!  I didn’t realize how important it was until I was with out it since last Monday.  Not to mention that I was on call for work this lovely week.  I had 2 calls where I had to rush to my mom’s house to borrow her internet in the wee early morning and the middle of the night.  Crazy!

At the very least I had my phone.  But it has been a tough two weeks with all the craziness of the move.  Did I mention I finally moved out of my house?  Yup, I’m a big girl now with my very first apartment  🙂  I will post about the move soon.  What a stressful two weeks this has been.  I’m glad the rough part is over and I can start to enjoy my new place 🙂

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