Hello bloggers!

It has just turned to Christmas Eve.  What a warm holiday season it has been so far, literally.  It has been 85 degrees up until this weekend.  The holidays are just not the same down here in Florida.  It’s just too tropical  and I think it rubs everyone the wrong way during this season.  Either way, I’m looking forward to a nice evening with my tiny family since I will be working half the day.  Boo…

Anyways, I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday. I’m feeling much better as of late as opposed to my last blog rant.  I was rather upset those few days, but time heals all.  Either way, I’m pretty settled to my new place.  I have been cooking and pretty proud of myself in that department lately.  I wanted to share some pics since I feel like my first place is very special.

This is my adorable tree.  It’s only 4 feet, but I’m pretty happy as to how it came out.  My mom and Erik helped me decorate it.  It’s fitting for my first tree 🙂

This is my living room.  My wonderful friend Monica gave me her old couch.  It’s pretty darn comfortable and fits just right.

This is my messy kitchen.  I have been working hard learning to cook.  A lot of experimenting has been going on in here.

Cupcakes in progress!

I also threw my housewarming party and it went pretty well.  Got a few wonderful presents from my awesome friends and lots of people showed up.  So much so that security came to tell us to be quiet.  Awesome, if I do say so myself 🙂

Looking forward to posting a year review of some of the movies I have seen recently and life events.  See ya soon!