I finally read The Lost Boy by David Peltzer.  This was the second book of the autobiographical series by Peltzer.  The book revolves around David during the years after he was removed from the custody of his abusive mother and taken into foster care.  Having never really known anyone in foster care it was pretty fascinating.  David’s many foster parents all had caring ways, but their own family troubles.  I was surprised at how many times he changed households for whatever reason.  The book also brought to light that there is a prejudice against foster children and their families.  Apparently, foster parents were/are looked at as people milking the system and getting paid by the government to house kids.  In reality the kids all come from troubled pasts and came with a whole lot of baggage for a small payout from the government.  A payout that is quickly spent on food and clothes for the children that are usually much needed. It takes a lot of patience and caring to raise several kids from different backgrounds and issues, and in many cases the foster parents have a family of their own in addition to the children they are taking in.  The book overall explains David’s struggle and perseverance to overcome his past issues and unstable life as a foster child.  David’s mother remains an enigma at this point.  Her punishments and actions are left to be pondered on and it is easy to see why a young boy would have so much trouble moving on from such a traumatizing experience.

The book is for young adults and easy to read.  I would recommend anyone to read it, as it takes you into the little known world of foster care.

You can find my review of the first book A Child Called “It” at the below link:


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