I’m back for another installment of:  What have I been watching lately?  And the winner is Fringe!!!

Yes, I know this is an old show but it is great.  The plot twists and science fiction based episodes are creative and remind me of my freshmen year in college.  For this one English class, I had to read all about quantum physics, scientific poems, and literary work you wouldn’t expect from mathematicians or scientists. We also had to read a really fun book called To Say Nothing of the Dog.  If you are interested in time travel, or even period novels, I would recommend checking that book out.  But I digress…

Fringe is an excellent show.  It touches on everything form parallel universes, aliens, and time travel.  It reminds me a lot of the X Files.  The characters are also very likable and yet there is mystery to them.  You can never really tell what side certain characters are truly on.  For you gore fans, the special effects are pretty good and can get pretty gross.  On the other hand there are doses of humor to lighten the mood and balance out all the dark themes and suspense.

Oh hey, and you remember Pacey (Joshua Jackson) from Dawson’s Creek?  He plays one of the main characters in Fringe…Peter Bishop, son of Dr. Walter Bishop.  He is one of my favorite characters.  He is much more appealing in this show than Dawson’s Creek, not to mention older and cuter 😉

However, my favorite character so far is agent Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel).  Ladies, this guy is way too cute to be in the friend zone.  I especially like him with his thick brimmed glasses…swoon.

So check out the show on Netflix.  I believe the complete series is on there. I have yet to finish it, but I’m almost done.  Most likely I will update this post on my thoughts.   Hope you enjoy!!!
P.S.  What is you favorite character or episode?  Leave a comment 🙂