Month: October 2013

ABVD / Japan 2008-20012 by Ajani Oloye

So I got some new reading material from an old friend of mine, Ajani Oloye.  I didn’t even know he had published work until he recently posted on Facebook (I’m terrible!).  I think getting published is great and I commend anyone who puts effort into getting their work out there. I’m sure it’s not easy.  I also love to share the works of people I actually know, especially if I think it’s good.

I was really touched by ABVD.  It is a short comic book about his experience with being diagnosed with cancer. Although it is a quick read, it’s pretty moving.

I also ordered his book of sketches, which were full of great drawings of people out and about in public places while he was in Japan/NY.  I really liked some of the water color pieces he had included.

If you are curious and would like to see his work and/or order his books I would highly recommend you do!  You can find his order information on his website:

Podcast: Episode 1 – Top 5 Comedies

Some time ago, me and my awesome friend/funnyman German decided to make a movie podcast  (visit his blog here) .  Well, I finally got around to editing it a bit, and uploading it.  It’s really long and not scripted but it can be fun to listen to.  My apologies for the constant use of the word ‘epic’ and giggling.  Have fun listening!

Movie Review: Escape From Tomorrow

Okay okay, so I bought into all the hoopla about this movie being filmed in secret at Disneyland and went to see it.  Unfortunately, I should have read more about it before I paid to see it.  What I had imagined was going to be some sort of strange scary movie, ended up being a strange comedy?

The movie does do one thing right, and that’s keeping you wondering what’s going to happen next.  The movie starts off with a typical family going to Disneyland. However, the Dad is mesmerized by these sexy Parisian girls.  They are like the white rabbit that lead him to have an odd and trippy day in Disneyland.

If you ever watch National Lampoons Vacation, Chevy Chases character bares resemblance.  It seems that this horny dad just keeps getting into trouble.  He has run ins with strange people and delusions, all while keeping a poor eye on his kids.

The acting went from okay to terrible at some points. But I can’t blame the actors if they are given poor dialogue to act with.  I actually liked the performance of Roy Abramsohm as the horny and delusional father. The nagging wife played by Elena Schuber was also not so bad.

Since the movie was supposedly filmed in secret, the cinematography is not that great.  But, it’s pretty well edited and comes together well as a feature film.

I have to give credit to this movie for keeping my curiosity throughout the film, and making me giggle several times.  However, the plot is so thin it loses its purpose in the end and you’re left wondering…’what the hell did I just pay for?’.  So ultimately, I have to recommend you pass on this movie.  Or if you do want to watch it, save it for when it comes out on DVD, Netflix or torrents.

By the way, I saw this movie at O-Cinema in Wynwood.  It’s a cute little theater and features those hard to find independent movies.  The pricing and seating was pretty comfortable, so check it out one day 🙂


Re-vamping Lady GT’s Blog Spot

Hey everyone.  I have been doing some maintenance on this blog.  I have some ideas and want to update this little guy.  If you haven’t noticed I bought a new domain.  The site is now  I thought it would be more professional to get a .com domain.  Also, I want to change the layout and add some new pages. For instance a page just for movie reviews or a page for arts and craft projects.  It would be nice to be a bit more organize and add more content to this place.  Hopefully, I’ll be up and running to my satisfaction in the next few days.

In other news…

I just came back from Tampa from a very pretty wedding.  Maybe I will post some pictures.  I fell in love with Tampa. It was such a nice city.  The people were all good looking, tall and umm…not hispanic lol.  Also, it was right by the ocean/bay so the view from the hotel I stayed at was really nice.  Yup, I guess I will have to post pictures 😉

Also, on Oct 4th I will be participating in my first gallery showing of sorts.  Come out to Tate’s Comics!  Upstairs they have a small boutique and gallery called Bear and Bird.  If you have never been to Tate’s, I would suggest you go.  It has all sorts of comics, books, magazine and toys. It’s a pretty cool place for fellow nerd bombers.  I hope to see you there and don’t worry I will update the blog after the event 🙂