So I got some new reading material from an old friend of mine, Ajani Oloye.  I didn’t even know he had published work until he recently posted on Facebook (I’m terrible!).  I think getting published is great and I commend anyone who puts effort into getting their work out there. I’m sure it’s not easy.  I also love to share the works of people I actually know, especially if I think it’s good.

I was really touched by ABVD.  It is a short comic book about his experience with being diagnosed with cancer. Although it is a quick read, it’s pretty moving.

I also ordered his book of sketches, which were full of great drawings of people out and about in public places while he was in Japan/NY.  I really liked some of the water color pieces he had included.

If you are curious and would like to see his work and/or order his books I would highly recommend you do!  You can find his order information on his website:

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