Hey everyone.  I have been doing some maintenance on this blog.  I have some ideas and want to update this little guy.  If you haven’t noticed I bought a new domain.  The site is now PetiteThoughts.com.  I thought it would be more professional to get a .com domain.  Also, I want to change the layout and add some new pages. For instance a page just for movie reviews or a page for arts and craft projects.  It would be nice to be a bit more organize and add more content to this place.  Hopefully, I’ll be up and running to my satisfaction in the next few days.

In other news…

I just came back from Tampa from a very pretty wedding.  Maybe I will post some pictures.  I fell in love with Tampa. It was such a nice city.  The people were all good looking, tall and umm…not hispanic lol.  Also, it was right by the ocean/bay so the view from the hotel I stayed at was really nice.  Yup, I guess I will have to post pictures 😉

Also, on Oct 4th I will be participating in my first gallery showing of sorts.  Come out to Tate’s Comics!  Upstairs they have a small boutique and gallery called Bear and Bird.  If you have never been to Tate’s, I would suggest you go.  It has all sorts of comics, books, magazine and toys. It’s a pretty cool place for fellow nerd bombers.  I hope to see you there and don’t worry I will update the blog after the event 🙂

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