Month: November 2013

Mysteries of the Unexplained

Last month I entered a piece of ‘art’ titled Boogie Men for a show at the Bird and Bear Gallery (located on the 2nd floor of Tate’s Comics).  The theme of the show was Mysteries of the Unexplained so I created a piece about the monsters that most kids think live under their beds or closets.  It was mostly card stock and added details with pen.

I wasn’t expecting much and I even missed the opening night artist reception because I had other obligations.  However, low and behold someone out there actually liked my piece and purchased it.  This was very surprising and I didn’t believe it for myself until I saw it in person with the word “sold” by it. It is a nice feeling and am very happy to have entered, let alone sell my piece.

I have to thank my friends who are always doing creative things and motivating me to try to work on my skills.  I will definitely try to participate in more shows and see what I can come up with 🙂


Boogie Men



The ghosts on the top center is Emily’s work and the UFO in the center row is Chez’s
It’s my favorite co-host German, next to his ghostly woman.
Hector’s piece.  Looking pretty creepy here.


Something Nerdier Podcast: Episode 2 – Discussing Thor and Other Comic Movies

Hi everyone (all 8 of you)!  We recorded a brand new podcast!  Funny man Tony Roman joins the cast along with German Nino and our editor Erik Tejeiro.  The podcast was a ton of fun to make.  Enjoy the silliness and thanks for listening!

Don’t forget to see Tony Roman and others at Loko Molokos: Lets Hear some Yokes!!!  This Thursday at 9pm  – 3201 N Miami Ave Ste 104 Miami FL 33127


BTW, this is just a temporary spot to post the podcast. will be up and running shortly!


Thor: The Dark World

Sexy man Thor is back for a third time.  This time he is battling Dark Elves who are trying to engulf the world into darkness.  He is reunited with Jane Foster and her gang under unfortunate circumstances when she accidentally becomes the host for the powerful weapon the Aether.  Thor must protect Asgard and Jane from Malekith  the leader of the Dark Elves, but at what costs?

Although I have a huge bias for Thor, I have to admit Loki steals the show in this movie.  His playful and snarky humor begs for more scenes next to the God of Thunder.  He is a complex character that seems to be teetering between good and evil at all times.

Besides the humor, drama, and cast, the movie looks great.  The graphics were well done, Asgard and the other realms look as believable as they can be for a super hero flick.  Let’s not forget all the action sequences and fighting that happens.

Overall the movie is very entertaining.  This movie definitely gets a “go see it!” recommendation.  It has everything you may want in a super hero movie.  Hunky super heroes, cool villains, action, drama, romance and humor.  Do you need anything else?  Go see it!


Hello again.  Just a random posting for today.  I wanted to post my favorite work out video.  It’s a Zumba class, so prepare to jump and dance and look funny.  However, if you do it alone it shouldn’t matter 🙂

A few reasons why I like this video:

– It has regular young ladies, not super fit, skinny models that know the routine by heart.

– They have cool accents! Yes, it seems like this video was made in England in Hull College.

– The music is pretty decent and fun to dance to.  I found it kinda hard to find a video that had decent music you wouldn’t mind working out to.

– The work outs are not too hard.  If you do the video a few times you actually start to get the hang of it.

–  And finally, since Zumba is a mix of Latin type dancing, it doesn’t seem like such a chore once you try it.

So anyways.  Try it out! Even if you don’t make it to the end of the video after 2 songs you will be sweating.

On an even nerdier IT note:  This video keeps disappearing from YouTube.  I finally got tired of that and decided to download it.  If you find this to be an annoying issue with other videos I highly recommend you visit:  I ended up downloading VDownloader as an add on to my laptop browser and it seems to work pretty well.

If you have any work out recommendations whether it’s a video, blog or site, leave a comment.  I <3 comments!