Last month I entered a piece of ‘art’ titled Boogie Men for a show at the Bird and Bear Gallery (located on the 2nd floor of Tate’s Comics).  The theme of the show was Mysteries of the Unexplained so I created a piece about the monsters that most kids think live under their beds or closets.  It was mostly card stock and added details with pen.

I wasn’t expecting much and I even missed the opening night artist reception because I had other obligations.  However, low and behold someone out there actually liked my piece and purchased it.  This was very surprising and I didn’t believe it for myself until I saw it in person with the word “sold” by it. It is a nice feeling and am very happy to have entered, let alone sell my piece.

I have to thank my friends who are always doing creative things and motivating me to try to work on my skills.  I will definitely try to participate in more shows and see what I can come up with 🙂


Boogie Men



The ghosts on the top center is Emily’s work and the UFO in the center row is Chez’s
It’s my favorite co-host German, next to his ghostly woman.
Hector’s piece.  Looking pretty creepy here.


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