Hello again.  Just a random posting for today.  I wanted to post my favorite work out video.  It’s a Zumba class, so prepare to jump and dance and look funny.  However, if you do it alone it shouldn’t matter 🙂

A few reasons why I like this video:

– It has regular young ladies, not super fit, skinny models that know the routine by heart.

– They have cool accents! Yes, it seems like this video was made in England in Hull College.

– The music is pretty decent and fun to dance to.  I found it kinda hard to find a video that had decent music you wouldn’t mind working out to.

– The work outs are not too hard.  If you do the video a few times you actually start to get the hang of it.

–  And finally, since Zumba is a mix of Latin type dancing, it doesn’t seem like such a chore once you try it.

So anyways.  Try it out! Even if you don’t make it to the end of the video after 2 songs you will be sweating.

On an even nerdier IT note:  This video keeps disappearing from YouTube.  I finally got tired of that and decided to download it.  If you find this to be an annoying issue with other videos I highly recommend you visit: http://keep-tube.com/  I ended up downloading VDownloader as an add on to my laptop browser and it seems to work pretty well.

If you have any work out recommendations whether it’s a video, blog or site, leave a comment.  I <3 comments!

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