Month: December 2013

Oh no the year is wrapping up! 2013 Review

Tomorrow will be New Years eve which means I’m due for some yearly reflection.  
This year has been pretty good to me. I have been living on my own for a bit over a year and had a ton of fun being a slob and doing almost whatever I feel like it. Living alone does have its down falls though.  There is the mild loneliness you get every once in a while and your constantly broke cause your paying everything on your own.  Speaking of which why the fudge is living in Miami so  expensive? Do you need to be a doctor and/or work 60 hours per week to be independent?  That’s just ridiculous.  The wages for most people cannot support one person let alone someone with an actual kid. I don’t know how people get by.  
Anyways,  this year I actually got to leave Miami for a bit. I went to St.Pete and got to check out the Dali museum.  The museum was pretty small but I was surprised at how much I liked the pieces.  Some of them took up an entire wall.  Unfortunately,  I was sick the whole trip but it was still enjoyable in between feeling like I was going to die.
And since we are getting older two of my friends got married.  One of the weddings was beautiful and was held in Tampa.  What a nice city.  It had a slight small town feel. If I could find work there maybe I would think about moving there. 

If you read my blog you may have also learned I entered my first art show and it went well. Hopefully I will have more to me in the future to work on projects.
And lastly and sorted related my brother is back home and I got a new car. As usual I have bad timing. The new Corolla model came out right after I bought my Corolla. And speaking of more bad luck  someone backed into my car a month after I got it. I didn’t even have my new tag yet! “I can believable”…
And what about resolutions for next year? Well, I think they will be the same as last year: lose weight, save money, get a better job and try to have fun while I can.  What about you?

Movie Review: Documentary: Hot Coffee

I meant to write this earlier, but I’m always a slacker when it comes to blogging.  I recently watched Hot Coffee.  I love documentaries, and I especially like documentaries that are well done.  This one completely changed my view on some of the suits you may have heard about. Although it came out in 2011, it is still very relevant.

It starts off by examining the McDonald’s hot coffee suit but goes even deeper to discuss how corporations and their lobbyist have managed to manipulate the legal system to their benefit.  This doesn’t necessarily mean frivolous lawsuits do not exist (I can attest to this with my years of experience in customer service), but sometimes there is more to a story than the media portrays.
This leads the film to discuss caps on punitive damage.  This may seem like a good idea, but the film explores the affect it may have on legitimate cases.
Another topic the film hits on is the popularity of arbitration and the common practice of including this agreement in the fine print of many contracts such as your credit card or terms and conditions of anything you purchase now a days.  Just go to any web retailer and I’m sure you will see it in their terms and conditions. This process takes the dispute out of the court system and puts it in the hand of a third party which may not be completely fair to the claimant.
Whether you agree with the film or not, I believe the subject matter is fascinating.  The film does an excellent job of discussing the relevant issues and providing persuasive arguments with real life examples.  Check it out and leave comments!!!