Month: February 2014

Movie Review: The LEGO Movie

The LEGO Movie came out this weekend and it is great!  This movie can be appreciated by adults and kids alike.

The movie is funny, full of adventure and nostalgia. It pulls all the LEGO sets in a cute story line where an ordinary construction worker is accidentally mistaken as ‘The Special’ who is prophesied to defeat President Business and his evil plot.

The voice cast for this movie was impeccable. Stars such as Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Charlie Day, Will Arnett, Liam Neeson, and Elizabeth Banks bring all the characters to life.  (I’m sure after seeing the film everyone will have their favorite character.  Mine was Batman)

This film stays very true to the LEGO brand as well.  The characters move and look just like the figures.  And if you have ever played the video games, some of the building scenes remind me of the game play.

Overall it was tons of fun to watch and well made. I highly recommend anyone see it.

Sex, Girls and Bridget Jones….This is my Life

Well it’s been a while since I have written anything here.  The New Year has come and gone and I sit and contemplate what has been going on.  I feel like my life is a mix of Girls, Sex and the City and Bridget Jones’s Diary.  Basically, I’m in my early 30’s, single, working on a career and still enjoy bar hoping.

I wanted to talk about dating again.  I don’t know how people do it.  I’ve gone on dates and chit chatted with a few guys but nothing really seemed to click.  Finally, I felt I might have someone.  Maybe I sabotaged myself but it always seems like feelings are so flaky.  One day you are chit chatting, the next day your phone seems dead.  I would like to know what happened within those few days/hours when you just know things are through.  Was it a chance encounter with someone else, maybe an ex that changed their mind?  Did they realize you’re a bat-shit crazy person; oh my god what are they doing with you? Or was it just a quick rump in the sack and they are good until they hook up with a more complete package of what a “girlfriend” should be? I don’t know…

Either way, it makes me gloomy sometimes. The sensation of a new person in your life is always nice.  Those brief moments of giddiness when you first start dating is always fun.  But then it slowly unravels.  Can it stop doing that!?  Anyways, I continue that paved road alone.  I will keep improving my shy self and see what happens.

One note though, for those people who maybe even more naive than me.  If a person is not around as much as you like, and if you are usually hanging with your friends by yourself….yeah that not a relationship!  Don’t kid yourself.  A relationship via text msg is not a real relationship!  Also, if that person just doesn’t seem over their ex as much as they keep saying they are…yeah…they are not gonna get into a real relationship with you.  Just pointing out the obvious.  (I know…pot calling the kettle black and such).

In other news, I’ll be moving soon.  I’m excited about that.  I know I’ve been yapping and complaining about this to everyone, sorry.  I’ve been pretty scared of possibly losing my job due to downsizing and am happy I will be lowering my monthly rent.  Unfortunately, I will have a roommate but hopefully it won’t be so bad.  My first and current apartment has been a lot of fun to live in and a learning experience as well.  I’m not a big fan of my neighbors or of the property mgmt. So I’ll be glad to ditch this place.  One day I will surely buy a house.  In the mean time I hope to save some money (fingers crossed).

On a lighter note, I’ve been watching Community and it is such a wacky fun show.  I would recommend anyone to watch it.  Also, I’ve been reading and watching lots of anime/manga lately but I will save that for a later posting.  Also, got to see Wolf of Wall Street and Frozen.  Both were good for what they were. Check them out!

I already feel better having written some things down.  Thanks for reading!

– Gio