I have been trying to catch up with all the Oscar winning movies that I missed out on.  I finally saw Dallas Buyers Club this weekend.  I expected a good movie and was not disappointed.

Matthew McConaughey plays the role of Ron Woodroof; a hustler, gambler, and homophobic drug user.  After an accident at work lands him in the hospital, he is informed that he is HIV+.  As the movie takes us through his denial and finally acceptance of his situation he goes on a mission to get the medicine he needs to possibly get healthier.  During this time period AZT was one of the promising drugs being tested for treatment of AIDS patients. Unfortunately, it was not yet available to the public.  This leads Ron to seek help from a doctor in Mexico who offers medicines that are more natural and with less harmful side affects.  Ron decides to start selling these medications to other patients through the Dallas Buyers Club.  He partners up with a transvestite named Rayon played by Jared Leto, who helps him get more clients.
The entire cast does a great job. Although the movie revolved around very serious matters, the movie was still enjoyable because of the characters. Ron’s evolution from a self destructive homophobe, to a concerned friend and advocate was great to watch. Matthew McConaughey transformation for the movie to an extremely thin, sickly looking man was astonishing as well.  His friendship/partnership with the very sassy and sweet Rayon was great to watch.  Jared Leto clearly deserved his Oscar.  His mannerisms, voice, walk and makeup completely converted him into his character.  Of course the other cast members help the story along as well, for example Dr.Vass and Eve.   And who would have thought the FDA would be the bad guy in the movie, with the drug companies pushing their medicines when safer alternatives are available?
Overall the movie was bitter sweet, but I highly recommend it.
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