Month: April 2014

100 Montaditos

This weekend I had the chance to go to 100 Montaditos for the first time. I had no clue what it was or anything, so I was pleasantly pleased that it was a good place to eat.  Basically, they sell petite sandwiches.  As the name implies, you have about 100 sandwiches to choose from.
I chose a mozzarella and pesto sandwich,  a chorizo with spanish tortilla sandwich, and a desert sandwich made out of chocolate bread and a Hershey’s cookies and cream bar in the center. And lets not forget an order of cheese fries.
I ended up liking 2 out of 3 of my sandwiches. Mainly because I thought the chorizo sandwich should have been served as a hot sandwich instead of a cold one.  Also, I was not too fond of the cold Spanish tortilla either. It has the consistency of cheese but it didn’t taste like cheese.  Everything else was delicious though. Especially their sangria.  I tried the cola and the lemon sangria. Both were pretty tasty combinations.
Well if your in the Kendall area I would recommend checking it out.  They also have a happy hour on Wednesday where the sandwiches are a $1.

Regular vs. Synthetic

30 Day Challenge: Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Me at work.  I look too serious.
Today was a pretty good day.  I can’t complain.  I went to work, did my thing and went home.  The only thing I did slightly different was go to get an oil change during lunch. Just as I’m sure other adults do, I run errands during my lunch hour sometimes.  

When I pulled up to the Jiffy Lube the attendant asked me, “Regular or synthetic?”. 
My brain was stumped.  Of course I do not know anything about cars.  So I asked “What’s the difference?”. 
He basically told me there is no difference other than what I pay.  I know I should really know this already at my age, but I really didn’t think about it before. I just went by price.
As much as I appreciate him trying to save me some money, I really didn’t believe him, nor any mechanic as a matter of fact.  I always feel butt raped when I leave any place related to cars.  Therefore, I looked it up and it turns out there is a difference.  Eventually, I told them I wanted the synthetic blend (I was still being cheap).
So if you are curious about the difference.  Supposedly synthetic will last longer, and give you better performance.  You can get more information at the link below:

By the way, is one of my favorite sites and Stuff You Should Know is one of my favorite podcast to listen to.  So check it out.

The Trouble with Blogging

I thought I had writers block but when I think about it, I have plenty to write about.  However, I tend to censor myself.  Do I really need to put everything on the internet? I try not to, but it is MY blog after all.

Well, I decided to take some prompts and ideas from The 30 Day Challenge I’ve been seeing around Pinterest. Eventually, I’ll get to that.  But I wanted to write a catch up post.  So I guess I’ll start writing…

I am finally in my new place.  It’s been about 3 weeks already and I have been cleaning, decorating and buying things to make myself at home. It’s been going pretty good so far, except that it has been exhausting.

Unfortunately, when I am forced to make decisions my brain goes for the not so easy option.  In the mist of planning my move, packing, hiring movers etc I decided to pay a visit to my doctor.  I thought everything was okay, until I got a call back from her.  Turns out things were not okay and after a biopsy I was told I needed to have surgery.   I apologize for the lack of details, but this is just how it’s going to be.  So basically last month was an emotional mess for me.  I was sad because I was moving and I had to deal with the realization that something was wrong with my health.  So I decided to do everything all at once. One extremely busy weekend of packing, surgery, more packing, moving and unpacking.  Who does this?!! I do!!  The surgery was a minor out patient procedure and I was able to go home as soon as I woke up and was coherent.  However, I was not really supposed to lift anything heavy.  So ultimately, hiring movers was a life saver. My family was so much help as well, and my mom is just the best.

I’ve had a better time recently.  I got to see Aziz Ansari, who was awesome! He mainly talked about friends, dating, relationships and he was so accurate and on point about everything.  Apparently, he is my age so everything he said was relatable despite him being a celebrity. As usual my phone was about to die and I took only 2 really blurry pictures.

I also decided to try yoga recently.  My friend brought over ‘Yoga for Wimps’ and it was actually harder than I expected.  It is a fun and less intense way of working out.  I would suggest anyone try it. I have to get back to riding my bike.  There is a nice gulf course with a bike trail right in front of my house. I’ve been dying to try it out.
This weekend was also the South Beach Comedy Festival.  I got to see @Midnight live.  Doug Benson was one of the comedians on the show, which was an extra bonus because I have been wanting to see him for a while.  The show was a ton of fun to watch and be a part of.  But the best part of this weekend was definitely seeing Nick Swardson.  He was hilarious to the point that I was crying throughout the show. Toilet humor always gets me hehe 🙂  This was one of the funnest weekends in a while.  But now I must go to sleep and back to work.  – Gio