So I read a few reviews on Don Jon and some of them make good points, but I still sorta liked the movie.

Don Jon is that typical Jersey shore type character we have been introduced to by MTV.  Gelled up hair, works out on the regular, goes clubbing to pick up chicks and ‘smash’, loves his family, goes to church and repeats his routine.  Except this guy has an particularly strong addiction to porn.  He likes it so much he is more satisfied by the experience of masturbating to porn than to having real sex.

So this movie actually does make some interesting points about sex and the expectations that porn maybe putting out to society.  His views on blow jobs, the way condoms feel, the issues with different positions, it all actually made some sense to me.  Obviously the view points are one sided.  You don’t hear the girls argument to these points other than his expectations are not realistic and that his porn addiction is disgusting…etc.  I believe a review on made a point that if this character gets laid all the time, how has he not run into a girl that wouldn’t mind doing more than just missionary style.  Either way it made me wonder how most one night stands go.

‘Don Jon’ as proclaimed by his friends eventually gets tired of his routine of one night stands and decides to start a serious relationship with Charlotte Johansson’s character, Barbara.  Unfortunately, she is a demanding, high maintenance type girl and he is forced to hide his addiction from her.

Barbara slowly tries to mold him into the boyfriend she wants him to be. Eventually getting him to go back to school where he meets a older classmate played by Julia Moore.  As much as Julia’s character Esther is made out to be a cougar (well she is a total cougar), she builds a type of friendship that Jon was missing.  Love without friendship is not love.

This movie ends up being a different type of love story. In the end we learn a lesson about love, friendship and intimacy.  Despite the raunchy porn scenes cut into the movie, the over acting and simplistic characters the movie was pretty funny, entertaining and thought provoking.

I would actually recommend reading more reviews on this movie.  They are almost as entertaining as the movie itself.  I am also surprised how offended people are by the porn clips and it’s jab at the Catholic church.  This movie didn’t strike me as very offensive, but it sure did upset some people.  Anyways, check out the movie on Netflix.  As always, I would love people to comment and leave their take on things.

Thanks for reading!

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1 comment on “Movie Review: Don Jon”

  1. I agree with your review of this movie. I was not impressed and expected more from it. It was just too predictable.

    I don't know if the Barbara character was really that high maintenance but she did try to change him like almost all girls do. LOL.

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