Every once in a while I like to get crafty.  This weekend I took a stab at a super easy cereal box stationary holder I found on Pinterest. Courtesy of this cute site:  http://www.katydidandkid.com/2010/07/cereal-box-stationary-organizer.html

I basically followed all the steps from the site. Except, midway I changed the kind of glue I was using.  I didn’t feel the glue stick was doing the job.  So I used my Elmer’s No Wrinkle Glue Pen.  I think it did a better job of sticking the paper to the box and wish I had used it from the beginning.  Also, if you notice from the pictures I used rubber bands and clips just as temporary clamps while the glue dried.

Hope you try it and have fun!!!

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All my mail and miscellaneous stuff is now organized 🙂