Well well. I went on an anime binge.  Well, it’s still in progress actually.  The latest anime I was able to watch is Vampire Knight.  It was super cliche, but man I couldn’t stop watching.  Since the story revolves around vampires, of course there is tons of melodrama. I couldn’t have it any other way.

The story revolves around a love triangle.  Hehe, who didn’t see this coming? The main characters all attend a school solely created for the purposes of bringing together human and vampire students to live and go to school peacefully.

Yuki Cross is the main female protagonist who is the adopted daughter of the headmaster and guardian of the school.  Yuki and Zero Kiryu keep the peace between the vampires students and the regular human students. Unfortunaly, Zero has been suffering with a dark secret.  Kaname Kuran on the other hand is the pure blood dorm leader of the vampires.  He is sophisticated, regal and secretive as well, and of courseYuki is in love with…or is she in love with Zero?

This anime was fun to watch.  Mostly because it keeps with the dark melodrama associated with vampires that I have grown to love.  It has all the self loathing, unhappy, angry and revenge filled characters that you expect.  Along with the prideful aristocratic vampires you also expect.

However, I have to admit I did not like the animation.  I am not a fan of anime with such huge eyes as this show.  I also did not like Yuki as the main character.  She always needed to be rescued and was crying 80% of the time.  I would prefer a stronger female lead.  The good news is that it has plenty of other cool characters with different powers and personalities.  If only the series was longer so they could have developed them more.

The character’s backgrounds are slowly revealed when necessary, and Kaname’s plan is not fully unraveled until season 2.  So the story stays interesting to till the end.  Depending on which camp you are rooting for, you may or may not be happy with the ending if at all.  Either way, I was sorta satisfied with it.  BUT!

*****SPOILER ALERT! ********

I did not like the whole incestuous vampire lineage thing that happens.  I understand it was common for royalty and to do this through out history in real life.  But it still is kinda gross.  Anyways, that’s my main gripe.

However, if your into vampires or romance you will enjoy the show.  Watch it!  It’s available on Netflix.

Vampire knight brush by kuroakikitsune on deviantART
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