I’m back for an update!  What have I been doing lately? Umm…I don’t know…a lot.  I really should write down some of these things.  I went to a play recently and I was in another art show.  But I’ll leave that for my next post.

Let’s see, I had signed up for a night time fun run, the Foam Glow 5k some time ago.  I wasn’t actually looking forward to it.  One of the main reasons I signed up was so I can lose some weight.  My thinking was that if I signed up, it would force me to at least make some effort to exercise and get ready for the race.  I didn’t want to walk the entire thing…or possibly collapse during the race because I was so out of shape. So I did end up riding my bike almost once a week, or I walked, or tried to run around the gulf course around my house.  Not as much as I should have, but more than I have done in forever.  Either way, the race was at night when they are normally ridiculously early in the morning and my friend Lisa would be there.  So why not?  I ended up inviting my sis and future bro in law.

The event almost felt like I had gone to Ultra.  It was held at the Homestead Speedway and there were people dressed up in candy raver gear, glow sticks, or other weird outfits for the race. There were people even tail gating before the race! Which seems fun, but beer is not the smartest thing to drink before you run/walk 3.2 miles.  There was a stage with a DJ and some MCs.  The MC’s had this big foam canon machine that sprayed everyone.  It looked pretty cool I have to say.  The music, foam and atmosphere gave off a pretty good vibe.  I was also surprised there were so many people.  There was probably a good 2000 people there.

The actual race took a while to start and we had to wait and wait as they let small groups of people start running (I’m sure so we all didn’t trample each other).  Once we started it was super dark and it was hard to run in a steady pace.  There was way too many people, kids, and moms with strollers. Eh…moms, sorry but you should really leave your strollers at home for that sort of thing.

Anyways, we ran/walked the race and it was pretty fun.  The music and foam were still being blasted at the crowd way after we left.  Funny enough it took a good 45 minutes to find my car after the race. Everyone else seemed to have the same issue and were wondering around clicking their car alarms. It was a funny scene in the parking lot.  Afterwards we had a good meal at Chilis. Although the staff was completely over whelmed that night.

So if you get the chance to sign up for one of these things, you should!  It will be fun, and a different experience to check off your bucket list.  Also, most of these races donate a portion to charity, so that is a plus 🙂