Month: November 2014

Primus and The Chocolate Factory

This past Tuesday I got to see one of my favorite bands, Primus!!!

The show was held at the Filmore by Miami Beach.  It’s a pretty good venue for concerts.  I pushed my way to the front and was able to get all the way to the stage with only one short girl in front of me.  Woo!  (That’s pretty hard to do when your a tiny person like me with general admission tickets.)

The show was Primus & The Chocolate Factory, so half of the show was dedicated to the songs from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  The stage was pretty barren at first, but for the second act they tripped it out.  Oompa Loompas even came out and did their dance.  It was great!

The band was on their game.  However, at one point Les got distracted and had to stop.  To quote him, he said ‘It’s Primus, this shit is hard!  Let me gather my thoughts.’  It was adorable, what can I say 🙂

They were definitely worth seeing for a 2nd time.  I’m so glad I went. It’s been a big highlight for my month so far 😀

If you have never heard them, you should look them up.  Pork Soda and Sailing the Seas of Cheese are probably their most well known albums.  Below is “Too Many Puppies”, which they also played at the show.  Enjoy!