Well I haven’t written in a while and I guess I should.  I am just getting over a really bad cold.  I feel I haven’t been this sick since my last trip to St. Petersburg.  Funny enough I was on vacation this time as well.  It’s that time of year where all my vacation hours are built up and I am about to lose some of them in January if they are not used.  So I was sorta forced to go on vacation.  I asked for the next few Fridays off instead of an entire week off.  You might think: What? That’s crazy?  But honestly, it makes sense to me.  I don’t have enough money to go on a real vacation anywhere and I don’t have someone to go with.  So there you go.  I get a 4 day work week for almost the entire month.  Sounds good to me.

Anyways,  despite being sick I still threw a Christmas/Festivus party this weekend.  It was a pretty fun, quiet type of getty.  Which is nice.  And of course the gift exchange is always fun 🙂  (I will post some pictures soon).

Last weekend was also a lot of fun.  I finally got to see The Book of Mormon, by the creators of South Park.  I cannot express how much fun this play is.  The songs are funny, catchy, and the entire thing is well written.  It is so well written, that is disguises its offensiveness..a little.  It was held at the Arsht Center downtown.  I have never been there either and it was a really nice venue.  Of course we had nose bleed seats, but it was still a pretty decent view.  Unfortunately, I was seated next to these two really annoying girls that were talking, laughing and saying the lines during the entire play.  I wanted to choke them.  Of course it is cool that they have seen the play before, but don’t ruin the god damn thing for other people.  Just like a damn movie theater, why are people so rude?  The tickets are not cheap either, so it’s even more annoying >:[  My friend is awesome and swapped seats with me for the 2nd act.  Switching seats made it so much better. Despite that, it was great.  It is something you should really go see if and when it comes to town again.  It is worth it.  And I am a big believer in trying something new every once in a while.  Go to a play instead of a bar or club.  It is something nice and different to do on a weekend.  Now that I am thinking about it.  I can’t even remember what else I did that weekend.  Hmph.  Oh well.

Now lets see.  I learned a few things recently.

1)  Sometimes the people you don’t expect to give you good advice, are the better people to talk to.  They will give you a unbiased perspective.
2)  It’s better to find out the truth then to live in confusion. [This one is important]
3)  Some people don’t know what they want in relationships, and that’s THEIR fault not yours.  I think this goes back to that whole idea of people thinking:  I sorta like you, but I’m kinda waiting for someone better.  Or I don’t know if I wanna label you as my girlfriend/boyfriend because I want to keep my options open or don’t think your good enough. Pfffttt get outta here with that.
4)  I now see why people may need to move away to get some distance between their exes.  Although, even this doesn’t seem to work entirely either in some cases.  (Maybe this should be a subject for a separate blog post.  Although I would actually like it to be written by someone that is not stupid and knows what they are talking about).

Christmas and New Years are coming and I usually post a recap before the year ends with some resolutions.  I definitely, will have a few.  I have come to realize that I don’t like New Years.  I was listening to Marc Maron as usual and he is great a summing things up that I totally feel the same way about.  He mentioned the holidays come with these expectations.  One of them being hanging out with loved ones and being happy.  Ehhh…I feel that way about Christmas to some extent, but New Years really bugs me.  It is this holiday you are expected to have a blast at some party and get laid or at least a kiss or something.  I feel like this every year.  I do like being with friends and partying that’s for sure.  But figuring out what to do that night, where to go, and who’s going etc, brings this unnecessary anxiety.  I remember I used to feel bad even when I actually was in a relationship.  It’s a strange anxiety.  I dunno if anyone else feels this way?  I’m sure Marc does lol.  Listening to WTF is definitely my form of therapy.  His self loathing narcissism and anxiety hits home sometimes.  Who would have thought I would identify so much with a 50 year old Jewish comedian -_- I am a strange little lady.

Anyways, do you remember that GRE thing I was studying for?  What happened to that? My sister took it for the 2nd time already and I have yet to take it.  I am just so ill motivated when it comes to boring things.  I will eventually take it.  I missed my deadline again for spring semester, so there went that.  Hmm…oh well.

One last thing, I really really want to work on things SomethingNerdier.com.  If anyone is interested in joining the podcast or ideas for articles or things shoot me an email, comment, or message me. Anything nerdy…books, movies, video games, comics.  I don’t care, it will be fun!

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