Today is Sunday.  Supposedly, this is my last week at my job.  A 10 year chapter in my life is about to close.  I’m sorta glad it’s closing though.  If you don’t make changes in your life, life will force change on you.  I feel like these past few months, maybe the entire past year, has been a big good bye.  I lost a close friend as well.  I will never be able to joke around with him again.  It made me think that I don’t put enough effort into my friendships.  We had drifted apart so much with out me realizing it until it was too late.

And of course, I get the ‘gloomies’ or that is what I usually call it.  This past year was a doozy.  I also got dumped for the 89327843930342th time.  And the gloomies came back with a vengeance.  Like a giant tidal wave of extreme sadness.  It felt like someone was squeezing my heart all day and night.  No thanks to work either.  Despite being a quiet shy person, I am pretty good at picking up people’s emotions.  Everyone around me had their own anxieties and worries about the future.  But things eventually come to a head.  And my gloomies have been getting better.  

So in order to roll with the punches and do something cool, I decided to buy a plane ticket and go to Japan.  Maybe it’s not the most responsible thing to do at the moment, considering that I am soon to be jobless.  But traveling can be so therapeutic.  And when else am I going to have so much free time and a cool friend to visit in another country?

Did I say therapeutic? I forgot I have to get on 2 planes to get there.  I regretted hitting the submit button the second I did it.  Haha. I’m kidding, but not really.  The last time I was on a plane, I thought I was going to die.  We had a missed landing and I literally prayed to land safely.  And now I”m going to get on a 20 hour airplane ride. I truly am crazy. Oh well, that is part of the adventure I guess.

When I get back, hopefully I will feel like I can start fresh.  Maybe with a new philosophy on life?  Probably not.  But I will eventually have to get a new job and meet new people.

I also have been, taking some classes.  And my Masters application is just sitting there at FIU waiting for a final approval in Aug/Sept.  I already know that by the time that rolls around, I may change my mind completely again.  But that is the whole point of life.  It’s a big roller coaster of ups and downs. Decisions and indecision.  I wish everyone well.  Hopefully the next time I update, I will have pictures all the way from the other side of the globe.  See ya…or how they say in Japanese…Ja ne! 😉